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How have you made a long distance relationship last?

  1. theglamlife profile image59
    theglamlifeposted 6 years ago

    How have you made a long distance relationship last?

    Many people have been there before trying to make a long distance relationship work. Some people have had their relationships last with success and some have run their natural course. If you have been in a relationship that has left both of you in different cities, states, or even different continents how did you keep that bond strong until you could be together again? What are your secrets, your tips, and the pitfalls you wish you knew before you gave it a shot?

  2. jahida profile image60
    jahidaposted 6 years ago

    well i can tell u that am now in relationship and my boyfriend lives very far from me .but trust me we r facing lot of problems .we r fighting almost everyday  and sometimes we break up for weeks .i still don't know the secret of successful relationship especially in my case but i have faith in him .
    i will advise u :don't try to hide anything especially Ur past or Ur mistakes cuz he is going to know  sooner or later

  3. April Reynolds profile image82
    April Reynoldsposted 6 years ago

    My husband and I dated long distance for almost 7 years before we got married. He was in college in Florida, then moved to Atlanta and I was in Pennsylvania.   In some ways it was like having the best of two worlds: the security and love of a relationship but the freedom of the single life.  We talked two or three times a day on the phone for hours(this was before cell phones and cheap long distance plans, we were paying 30cents a minute) and visited each other every couple of months. 
    We were both allowed to date others during this time although we really didn't very much.  Sometimes it was actually harder to get along when he was at home for the summer. 
    It was a very expensive relationship, but worth every penny.  I think the long telephone conversations were vital, knowing everything about each others day built trust.  We were also both secure in who we were as individuals and didn't rely on each other for our identity, self worth, or security.
    It was very difficult and lonley at times.  When we would see each other again, it was almost like we were strangers and had to re-evaluate if we actually liked each other in person.  Fortunately the answer was always "yes".  We have now been married for 15 years.

  4. jeanniedoe profile image56
    jeanniedoeposted 6 years ago

    Trust and faith in your partner and make sure that your communication is constant - this is the answer to a lasting long distance relationship.

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    theglamlifeposted 6 years ago

    Thank you all for your thoughts and sharing your experiences with me.

    @April Reynolds - thank you for sharing about the times when you saw each other again and how it was at times re-evaluating if you like each other or not. At times I have thought that was only us who felt like that first hour can be awkward! I am so thankful that communication is a lot cheaper than it has been in the past otherwise this would be a very expensive relationship other than in just plane tickets. Hearing about how you were able to make it works helps me keep my spirits up since I have mainly only heard horror stories from friends recently so thank you so much I really do appreciate it!

    @Jeanniedoe- trust, faith, and communication really are vital to any relationship aren't they? Even our friendships. Thank you for reminding me of that.

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    catchpennyfashionposted 6 years ago

    I am currently in a long distance relationship and I'm not going to say its easy. There are times when you need that person to be physically there just to give you a hug or a kiss or listen to you. However I find that my relationship works because we make eachother a part of eachother's lives even though we live in different continents. We message each other every day little texts and voice notes and Skype at least once a week. We are always making plans to see each other so the time spent apart is filled with the excitment of a future reunion. We also make plans for the future and what we are going to do once we can finally live with each other, and that gives us a strong bond and a way to look at an even better time. We also consider eachother before making decisions, just because we live in different hemispheres doesn't mean our actions don't affect one another and we know this.