how do you catch if your long distance partner is cheating on you, some months a

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    lipaannaposted 7 years ago

    how do you catch if your long distance partner is cheating on you, some months ago, i discovered...

    that he has another email ad and he and his wife who had been estranged for more than two years are still communicating..when i asked him about it, he said he doesn't want to fight with her coz the wife can harm his stay in the country where he is not yet a citizen and also for their daughter's sake..the last time he told me had sex with her was way back 2005 and this he swore but why is it that until now I have a big feeling esp that our online communication is not as much as active as before and he no longer leave his skype open whenever he had to go elsewhere and come home at night when he

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    prettydarkhorseposted 7 years ago

    Hi, trust is every important in a relationship, how far is the wife? Be vigilant about his emails, you said he doesn't open his skype anymore unlike before, it is a sign but not a solid evidence of cheating. How about his cellphone, you can check the cellphone when he is taking a bath, etc., does he keep his conversation out from you at times? If you live together, you can check the phone numbers through billings, be sure he doesn't know you are slightly snooping. Lack of interest in you is a sign but not a solid evidence. Until and unless you have a solid evidence, you cant be sure, maybe he is just busy at the moment or have any problems, which you should know as you should be open to each other. Don't confront him yet until you have solid evidence. Talk to him about opening what are his thoughts and if something is bothering him because you notice some changes.Why is he not divorce yet and is he far away form you at the moment or you're together at times? Why do you have long distance relationship -- because of job etc?
    Good luck and update us on what is happening,

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    lipaannaposted 7 years ago

    hi! thank you so much for your reply, it means so much to me. WE live million miles away, me in asia and he in europe. we only saw each other twice and its been six months and have no definite plans yet to this year as to when to see each other again considering the financial aspect and other important priorities but we do have plans that the next time we meet he will be joining me for good. He and his wife lives in the same place. Although he keeps assuring me that the matter with him and his ex should not be an issue with me if I trust him enough but somehow I can't help but worry if she uses all her charms and energy to win him back. His sole reason of not divorcing yet is because of his citizenship, and he said, definitely if he fights with the wife, the wife can use this as her ace to have him deported (they have a child).. I do feel his sincerity towards our relationship but I can't help to worry about the situation.  What is my ace versus his wife who is only at his mercy of pursuing him back just because she found out about me? ...And what adds to my worry is that, I am not there physically to provide the loving touch and intimacy to make love with him in real which we all know is a major need..what if he gets tempted to do it with his wife again? can I keep the intimacy between me and him in spite of the distance???...