how to repair the sexual relationship after your wife's infidelity

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    smitty7posted 7 years ago

    how to repair the sexual relationship after  your wife's infidelity

    it feels as if she's been"contaminated" by having sex with the another man. and now sex with HER seems repulsive Also whether it's true or not, it feels like you being compared to the other man while having sex.

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    Nolapeteposted 7 years ago

    Only time will tell whether or not you'll ever be able to get past those feelings.  The betrayal and loss of trust are the first things that have to be addressed.  If those are able to be established again, the sex issues should as well.  It's a very difficult issue to get past and a lot of people never do.  Infidelity is one of the primary reasons for divorce due to never being able to trust or get rid of the very feelings you have.