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cheated on me once, I left, 1 year later don't trust him but are "friends with b

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    seasonedrascal77posted 7 years ago

    cheated on me once, I left, 1 year later don't trust him but are "friends with benefits" so...

    don't feel I have the right to be upset if he's seeing others.  am I right?

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    kess2pointOposted 7 years ago

    no you do not. obviously you are showing him your okay with hooking up with him with no commitment and if he is not committed to you then you have no reason to believe he is only seeing you alone. my question to you is if you dont trust him, why even allow the friends with benefits?

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    seasonedrascal77posted 7 years ago

    I appreciate your answer & validating back to me what I think.  I'm there for a bit as he is providing me with health insurance & some monetary assistance till I get my own in 3 months thru new employment..and I love the sex that we have. rather shallow aren't I or maybe just selfish...

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    AskJessicaKellyposted 7 years ago

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    weholdthesetruthsposted 7 years ago

    If you are "friends with benefits", it means you assent to uncommitted sexual relationships.   It also means you have enabled your "friend" to do whatever he wants, as well.  Your question tends to indicate you still connect sexual intimacy with emotional attachment and commitment.   That is a natural response, we're wired to be that way.

    I would suggest you cut him off, not just sex, but the relationship.   If he wants you still, then point to your hand and say " You  give me a ring and never touch or want another woman, for life" and if he's unwilling, walk away and never look back.   

    You brought this on you by your own permission.   Please stop, assess your life and your own commitment to your self, your future, your happiness, and make sure from now on, you don't set yourself up for pain.

  6. stricktlydating profile image82
    stricktlydatingposted 7 years ago

    You have the right to your own feelings. Anyone could get upset that the person they're involved with sexually is also seeing others. The 'friends with benefits' type relationship is not suited to everyone.