Is she cheating?

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    frogleg93posted 7 years ago

    Is she cheating?

    had a huge fight last week, and she just didn't care at all. She put on an apathetic face and had me chasing her through the mall. That day, she had went over to a guy's house all alone, with noone home, whenever she hadn't even told me she had skipped school, much less gone over to his house. She's always texting him when we're hanging out. Even though it never seems incriminating, it's in the grey area. I'm always begging her to get off of her phone and to pay attention to me when we're hanging out. she's admitted that she's distancing herself. shee's also been really secretive about faceboo

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    kellielacoleposted 7 years ago

    Im going to answer this as honest as I can. I have done this. There is someone else. The best thing for you to do is to get out of this relationship as quickly as possible or your going to get hurt. I dont mean a scrape on the knee either. I mean utterly and completely crushed. Shes no good. If she went to the guys house and no one was there, you already know what happened. If and when  you break it off, be aware if she starts dating someone else, this only means it was already over. So all questions answered, she is cheating on you.