why do people stay in relationships when they are clearly unhappy

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  1. lottie henderson profile image60
    lottie hendersonposted 10 years ago

    why do people stay in relationships when they are clearly unhappy

    I'm all for giving 100% into your relationship and trying.and trying.

    but surely there comes a time when you have to stop living your life trying to keep someone else happy

  2. OhKathryn profile image60
    OhKathrynposted 10 years ago

    Some people are afraid to not be able to have someone by their side. My friend for example has been with a guy for over 5 years and he has cheated on her countless times and she is just unhappy everyday, she chooses to stay because he is the only thing she knows. So to answer your question it's because some people are afraid to be single, thinking they will be alone and lonely.

  3. lottie henderson profile image60
    lottie hendersonposted 10 years ago

    but surely its better to be alone and meet some one who really appreciates you.

    i have also seen people stay in relationships for years and one cheats consistently  on the other... i asked the question why are you still with them.. if your so unhappy that makes you cheat, why stay there.. and punish the other person ..their reply - i dont want to hurt them.

    silly really as they are hurting the person anyway ..surely??

  4. choxter profile image60
    choxterposted 10 years ago

    The known is better than the unknown.
    Most people do not like change and are not prepared to make change even when their current situation causes so much unhappiness.

  5. profile image54
    MysticLingerieposted 10 years ago

    Because they think they can make it work and its just another wall to overcome to reach true happyness with the person they think they love.

  6. profile image55
    NNathanielStockposted 10 years ago

    I think that they either are afraid to leave and move on and to them they have invested to much into the relationship to end it and will stay for that reason. Others will remain for they love their partner to much to leave and just wont except the relationship is over. Some are terrified to leave for they think they are to old not pretty enough,etc. It takes a serious incident to make a person leave a relationship.

  7. chechlor.harrison profile image52
    chechlor.harrisonposted 10 years ago


  8. profile image0
    reeltaulkposted 10 years ago

    I am for giving 110 percent, but I believe that people's egos get stroked when you treat them as though gold and take for granted your actions as well as YOU.  I learned a long time ago, that you can NEVER make someone happy.  You can add to their happiness which in return if they are grateful you will see it through their actions.  Relationships can be quite simple, but people have a tendency to have their own agendas as well as ulterior motives and that destroys the reason and purpose for being in a relationship.  Maybe they are desperate, or they want to save face for family members, maybe they dont want to be alone.  Who knows---- whatever the reason, it is their choice and they have to live with the repercussions.  I say live your life, be honest with whomsoever you meet regarding what you are about and want your intentions are.  Sounds difficult, but it is quite easy.

  9. profile image49
    NarrowEscapeposted 10 years ago

    There is a time to cut the lines and sail away. When you begin to compromise on who your really are, the relationship needs to be evaluated and corrected.
    Too many people dont know who they are and what their values are before they enter a relationship. A lot of people are also very kind, too kind for their own good, so they continue giving of themself instead of taking action for their own good. Having kids further adds to the burden of ending a relationship.
    These decisions needs to be considered carefully and seeking advice from truly good friends and professionals is a smart move. In the end you will probably find yourself sitting with a sheet divided in two columns. One column with positives and one with negatives. That is when you will see the value of your relationship.

  10. Dark knight rides profile image67
    Dark knight ridesposted 10 years ago

    Yep, but how easy is it to just walk away? You already know the person, you have your habits and routines. So being unhappy with something you know is easier than taking the risk on the unknown. And we have gotten this idea that we need someone else to be "complete", to be truly happy. Which is too bad, because too many people are so concerned with finding their happiness in others, they don't think to find it in themselves. True happiness always comes from within first, then we can share it with others, rather than seeking to get it from them .

  11. the pink umbrella profile image76
    the pink umbrellaposted 10 years ago

    There are alot of reasons. Sometimes you are so wrapped up financially with the other person it seems inconcieveable to untie thos knots. Comfort is another one. Maybe you just cant stand the thought of having to start over from square one. Kids can be another. oh, and my biggie...waiting for the person you met to return, and slap the crap out of the person he's become!

  12. hubber088 profile image61
    hubber088posted 8 years ago

    What's worse than being in an unhappy relationship for many people? Being alone! Many people will stay with a person they may not even like in order to avoid being alone. They may be looking for someone else discreetly but the scariest option for them is to be alone.


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