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When is a good time to get pregnant in a marriage? Is there a time limit on some

  1. mypleasurefantasy profile image88
    mypleasurefantasyposted 7 years ago

    When is a good time to get pregnant in a marriage? Is there a time limit on something of this...

    scale? Or is it a come as it goes type situation?

  2. nmcguire7 profile image82
    nmcguire7posted 7 years ago

    When both parties are 100% in agreement.  That means both are willing to save money, make needed lifestyle changes, and work toward common goals.  However, if either person is saying things like, "Not just yet, maybe in the future...I don't know...Let's think about it...I am too busy...Are you serious?"  These are clues that he/she is not ready.  If a partner should force the issue, drop unwanted hints, or do other things to manipulate feelings, current situation, etc.  Then one might find he or she alone with child signing divorce papers.  No one doesn't want to do anything before they are ready even if the gift is dressed in pretty pink or blue and looks just like the parent.

  3. CMerritt profile image79
    CMerrittposted 7 years ago

    I always liked Friday nights as a good time for this.

    Wait...let me re-phrase this.

    My wife and I have had five kids over 27 year period of being married.  Ages from 24 to 10.  They are all good times.  I would not change a thing in my life, if it meant not having the kids that I do.

    If you are waiting on better finanial times before it happens, you may be waiting a long time.

  4. Libra Rajani profile image60
    Libra Rajaniposted 7 years ago

    First of all, you have to be sure that it is something you both want.
    Secondly, I think the best time to get pregnant is when the couple has spent enough quality time together doing whatever they have ever thought about doing. Once you have a baby, it is all about the child. You have to have patience and you come last.
    In addition, age is a factor for both the man and the woman. A man has more years than a woman. Many women today have children into their 40's but after age 35, there can be health risks.
    These are definitely things to think about.
    Hope this helped.

  5. saintodd profile image78
    saintoddposted 7 years ago

    This is such a fantastic question.

    Let me answer it this way - My wife and I didn't plan or wait for the perfect time to get pregnant. We have three daughters. Each girl was born 10 years apart. Each one is amazing, each one unique.

    I personally couldn't have planned how it all worked out. What has worked for us is the absolute agreement that we were in it together. I couldn't have done it alone, and I know my wife feels the same way. There have been some real trying times, but the lives we see growing up and the influence we are making in their lives is worth every second of struggle.

    Hope this helps

  6. mypleasurefantasy profile image88
    mypleasurefantasyposted 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for the different views on how to handle this topic--all made me think some made me laugh. I'm glad I asked it

  7. bucker98 profile image61
    bucker98posted 7 years ago

    it all depends on the two of you. but make sure you are ready for the pain and joy of being parents. a little marriage counseling won't hurt.