If you girlfriend told you that you have to decide between her and your parents

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  1. jon smith profile image54
    jon smithposted 7 years ago

    If you girlfriend told you that you have to decide between her and your parents what would you do?

    My parents cannot stand the new girlfriend of my younger brother.  I think he is just about to run away from homeā€¦

  2. Edoka Writes profile image60
    Edoka Writesposted 7 years ago

    I would ask her if she truly thinks that is a fair decision for you to make. Our parents can be a pain, but they're still our parents, and unless they are abusive, vulgar and completely disrespectful for no reason; she would have to go.
    If your parents are like mine; they'll stick with you forever...a girlfriend, I'm not so sure.

  3. phoenix_028@yahoo profile image61
    phoenix_028@yahooposted 7 years ago

    it would be best to talk to your parents and tell them to explain or tell your younger brother the reasons and why after that let him make his own choice. Showing him your dislike on the choice he has made might lead him to run away but laying down your cards and explaining it to him will make him think and stay for you to be able to observe and keep a close watch at him. As they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. smile Hope this helps.

  4. Cory J. Clark profile image59
    Cory J. Clarkposted 7 years ago

    What do you think is superior, something you love because you chose to, or something you love because you were born into it.

    I'd go with the girl.  I've done it before...

    And yeah sometimes it ends badly.
    Sometimes you burn bridges.

    But True Love is worth anything.  I'd risk alot to possibly have it.

    But it's also true that love is fickle.  True Love is rare.
    So...it depends on the girlfriend, and the parents.

    I'm so curious why they don't like her.
    Is the problem with her or are they just critical people?

    Don't rush into any thing.

    Alright, good luck.  TTYL

  5. Loveslove profile image58
    Lovesloveposted 7 years ago

    As a parent I would never let any child of mine know that I didnt like their choice of partner it has to be the  sons / daughters choice  . If you let them know you dont like their choice it will drive them together  and take your son / daughter away from you.

    In answer to your question...

    I would choose  the girlfriend and talk seriously to my parents about their reasons.

  6. GdessLacey profile image56
    GdessLaceyposted 7 years ago

    Considering I was in the spot of your brother once considering to run away, actually I tried, they just caught me. They moved me to another country to get me away from the boy. Now 12 yrs later my parents realize that they were a bit rash and didn't give him a chance, which now they are forced to do because I am seeing him again. I also realize that my parents were doing what was best for me at that time.

    I would tell your brother that where as he has to follow his heart, he also needs to use his head. I would also tell your parents that they need to be a little more open to your brother's feelings. And I would tell the girlfriend that she needs to respect your family if she really cares about your brother. I hope that helps at least a little.

  7. tysanders profile image61
    tysandersposted 7 years ago

    I would hate to be in your brother's shoes. Maybe your parents see something in the girlfriend that your brother cannot. If that is the case he should talk with your parents and ask them to try and respect his decision to date the new girlfriend. If there is something about the gf that isn't right it will reveal itself in due time.

  8. profile image0
    ssaulposted 7 years ago

    i hate being given ultimatum especially about my parents, that's taking a step one too far. She can either accept me being associated with my parents or let me go, people oath to know parents and family are always part of the package, that doesn't mean they have to in your life day in and out.

  9. Mark Upshaw profile image61
    Mark Upshawposted 7 years ago

    Dump the girl.  Parents are forever and mates are for a few years.

  10. iZeko profile image97
    iZekoposted 7 years ago

    From what I understand, your brother just started dating this girl and she's already making demands. I would tell her to close the front door... from the outside.


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