Hey folks, do you think there's a diff between love and infatuation: don't we ne

  1. ALUR profile image61
    ALURposted 9 years ago

    Hey folks, do you think there's a diff between love and infatuation: don't we need both to...

    sustain life's hardships?
    Check out my hubs under ALUR and my sarcastic online gig called Only Rula on youtube about dating and much more:)

  2. krillco profile image90
    krillcoposted 9 years ago

    Infatuation is literally neurologically based, in your medulla, or most primitive part of your brain. It is evolutionarily functional in bringing males and females together in the context of intense sexual attraction towards pair bonding (paired at least as long as it takes to insure the survival of the infant).

    This neurological effect, that lasts between about two and three months only, is experienced by most as very pleasant. In fact, many folks become addicted to it and stay in relationships only until the effect wears off, which it must, as it is time limited. You cannot even work at getting it back, because it requires a new stimulus (attractive person) to re-ignite.

    Love, on the other hand, is a choice that goes way beyond the neurological infatuation effect. When humans were far less evolved, they would likely move on to other matings to perpetuate the species. When brains got bigger, and language and culture developed, the stronger attachment of love helped to organize culture and communities, also serving a function of mutual safety and comfort.

    Since love is far more long lasting and salient, the only role of infatuation is to lead to love.

  3. Inspired to write profile image80
    Inspired to writeposted 9 years ago

    Infatuation is an emotional obsession. Love is cultivated feelings of emotions deep towards a bonding of another (human relationships.)

    Many folk are obsessed & are in love. so I suppose they go, to an extent, hand in hand.

    Obsession may eventually wear off (or are integrated into) whilst yet other feelings have cultivated & may continue into a deeper longer lasting emotion of love (a bonding.) Or they may not, which depends on what level of excitement each individual wishes to seek & experience.

    Infatuation is towards the beginning of many relationships responsible from the chemicals released within the brain because of something new & exciting towards another, which, will eventually, wear off, become weaker or subside, therefore, to counteract the feelings of infatuation within a relationship one must understand the process of attraction to keep the spark of desire lit towards the person of your desires & not become lazy as to start then continue to take the other for granted.

    Above all we are sexual creatures, both men & women, & one must make sure one adheres such acknowledgement of this fact towards their chosen mate & not get lazy as to take the situation or the person for granted.


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