Hi,I was wondering if u cud help me. I read ur article abt if a girl likes u..ac

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    dr.praksposted 6 years ago

    Hi,I was wondering if u cud help me. I read ur article abt if a girl likes u..actually I m in lov

    m in lov wid a gal who is kind of frnd I knw thru family, now I talk wid her in facebuk, she comes n every tym talks wid me, recently I askd her number but she did not reply my msg n the other said I was bit busy, since then I dint reply her o talk wid her, m confused if she likes me o not n wat must I do in order to impress her or make her like me, m confused, I really like her n want her, she said I was busy so cudnt reply ur msg, but since then I dint talk wid her, today also shee came online but I dint reply her, m not sure, I guess my ego is hurt coz she dint giv her number,plz help i

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    Artist-For-Hireposted 6 years ago

    I don't like to be the bearer of bad news but...you may be in the friendship zone I'm afraid to say.

    Don't try to impress her but continue to build your friendship, Use mutual friends/family as an excuse for more association, she may come around if you can show her that you're thoughtful, funny, mature etc...

    That said, you may want to put a time limit on this crush, you only live once and deserve to be with someone who is willing to go to this much effort chasing after you...

    I've recently posted a question called "What's a guy got to do to win a gal's heart these days?" and invited women to share their thoughts and experiences...you may like to follow along
    Good luck

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    juiwei2000posted 6 years ago

    Look, instead of busting your brains out, you may as well be direct and see what happen, the next time you see her just ask her out and see what she says and if she says yes, then, take her out and see what happens and if she says no then say "well, can't blame a guy for trying." and laugh it off.

    And FYI, a piece of advice, acting desperate is never good when getting a girl.  Girls are attracted to stuff that are rare, put it this way, water is a necessity of life and gold isn't but gold is more valuable then water, why?  Because, gold is rare, but water is anything but rare.  FYI This is why after I just chat up a girl in a bar, I'll usually say e.g. "Do you have a boy friend" and if she says "no" I'll joke saying "Why, because she dumped you?" and if she say "no, just don't have one.", I'll play a joke saying "Why, can't get one?", not always enough to get the girl but 90% of the time, it put a positive spin on things.

    So, if she says "no" to you asking her out, maybe say "Ok, but I only ask a girl out once, so you lost your chance", it might still give you a chance with her, in the long run, but if even that doesn't work, mate, give up on this girl and move on