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Would you want to be taken care of in your old age and if so, by whom?

  1. Agnes Penn profile image81
    Agnes Pennposted 6 years ago

    Would you want to be taken care of in your old age and if so, by whom?

  2. syednaeemul profile image72
    syednaeemulposted 6 years ago

    No, I have been taken care of enough as a kid!

  3. vocalcoach profile image96
    vocalcoachposted 6 years ago

    The older I become, the more thankful I am that I can take care of myself. Independence is truly a gift for the aging. My fear would be having to have someone else take care of me. But if I should be in a position where one day I need some help, I would be the most comfortable with my son. I trust him completely.

  4. janikon profile image88
    janikonposted 6 years ago

    no, i'm not sure i would feel comfortable with someone taking care of me in my old age - i would begin to feel like a burden, if anything, as sad as it would make me, i would ask to be put in a retirement residence or nursing home (depending on the reason i needed to be taken care of)

  5. onegoodwoman profile image77
    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    I most certainly want someone to defend my rights, see to my medical care and housing............an engertic person.......one...who still has the stamina to burn the candle at both ends, and care about me.

    Having spent years, in the kitchen, of various shelters, centers, and nursing homes..............

    No, I do not another invading my intimate areas, cleaning them, or feeding me through a pec tube.   I DO NOT want my hubby asking, the caregivers about my BM ( seen this done), or food intake.............I eat when I am hungry......no need to change this because I am 90,80, 65 or because I am now unable to walk or use my arms and hands.      When, I can no longer care for myself.. or voice my desires.....despite the difficulty of doing so.............let me go.

    Strange..........very strange...........even in the youth of rearing up my children, there was a daugher, that I knew, I entrusted, to know when enough is enough, and to make the hard call.   I still do

    My Dad has entrusted me............to make those terrible decisions............I know how she must feel.............

    do not argue with her.........................................................!

  6. truthfornow profile image84
    truthfornowposted 6 years ago

    Interesting question.  I hope to hang onto my independence for as long as possible.

  7. Devika12 profile image60
    Devika12posted 6 years ago

    Not really, but if taken care of is the only choice, I would like my husband to take care of me..!!

  8. Borsia profile image44
    Borsiaposted 6 years ago

    I'm considering marrying someone 1/2 my age in the near future.
    But when I get to the point that I really can't do anything I will call it quits and play the joker before I loose my dignity.

  9. philirodje profile image60
    philirodjeposted 6 years ago

    Yes i would want to be taken care of in my old age.. by my children of course. that is why it is good to take good care of your children when they are young. its like investment, what you sow you reap... if you take good care of your children, and you guide them right and when they are successful they will never forget you and when you are of age, they will reciprocate.

  10. funmontrealgirl profile image63
    funmontrealgirlposted 6 years ago

    I would say my kids (when I have them of course).

    I certainly plan to provide love and care for my parents who provided for me.

    Growing old with a loved one sounds amazing. And after that, I would hope your kids would care for you the way you cared for them.

  11. ClaudeV profile image58
    ClaudeVposted 6 years ago

    Had you asked me this question 10 years ago I would've probably said, I think I can handle myself. Being a big strong man that could handle anything, I always thought it would be me taking care of somebody else.

    Before you read this please don't feel sorry for me, life is great!

    Unfortunately, I was in an ATV accident back in 2002 and broke my neck which messed up my spinal cord and left me paralyzed from the chest down. So at the age of 35 I now needed somebody to take care of me. I have a little nurse that comes over every morning gives me a shower, dresses me, slides them into my wheelchair, and then fixes me breakfast and lunch. In the evening I have another lady that comes in and puts me to bed. It was very hard to adapt at first, but God surrounded me with the most amazing people. Before I knew it I was right back in the swing of things. God continues to introduce me to some of the most amazing, compassionate, loving-est people this earth has to offer. I feel strongly that I would've never met these people without my accident. Even though this is not the ideal life, I feel good about where I'm at and what God has given me, I also look forward to the work God has in store for me. I think God every day for leaving me on this earth to watch my three kids grow up.

    So being taken care of really isn't all that bad.

  12. profile image0
    Old Empresarioposted 6 years ago

    My wife is younger than me, so hopefully she can help me when I am too old.

  13. Agnes Penn profile image81
    Agnes Pennposted 6 years ago

    @ClaudeV: I feel far from sorry for you.  It is specifically a person such as yourself who has the perfect answer to this question.  People believe independence from others is attainable and imperative in order to achieve fulfillment.  Whether you end up in a private or government-run nursing home or in your children's or spouse's care you will depend on someone else. 

    What is ironic is that most people do not realize that now, when they're able, they ARE depending on others' decisions.  You must depend on farmers, packers, truckers, stores (owners and employees) to eat.  Anyone mess up that process and you will be harmed.
    The answer to peace of mind and achieving personal fulfillment does not lie on how much you can control, but on the relationships you have built.  Recognizing our need to depend on others helps us to finally understand how much we should depend on God.  Our relationships with those we see here help us with our relationship with God Who we don't see. 

    You are younger than I am and, yet you are my teacher.  Thank you and God bless.