Is he afraid of commitment or afraid to be with me?

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    danielasposted 6 years ago

    Is he afraid of commitment or afraid to be with me?

    me and my ex have been friends for quite a long time. we decided to go out but after months he told me he is afraid of commitment. he feels trapped when he is serious. but at the same time he told he does not want to lose me. I told him better if we remained friends.  still I am in love with this person and we are best friends. what can I do? is there a chance we could be together? is he afraid of relationship or afraid to be with me?

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    Princess Pittposted 6 years ago

    wow, i think that situation is not uncommon...
    specially when you care about that person too much.
    I always like the level of being friends than to be a partner in life...i don't know can't explain it....since am perhaps experiencing that now LOL.

    I also think that...we are afraid of commitment bcuz we know that things will change unlike before. Because obviously you have to think for the future...what might makes you think about it., some stuff that you didn't stress in being friends.

    In my experience, I'm afraid there something we don't know about each other..when we think we do.
    If we are in love but afraid of being together...what i feel scared about is...if we started to get together....know the real me, that person might change.
    And that afraid that things well go wrong...And it's better not to be together than to make mistakes...

    I think that is the sole reason in my experience.

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    stricktlydatingposted 6 years ago

    It sounds like he's afraid of committing to you.  Rather than telling him you think it's better that you remained friends, you should have told him the truth, but it's not too late.  He is your best friend and you are in love with him.  If you don't make this clear to him you will lose him to someone who does come along and say this to him...  I would tell him that it's not working for you being 'just friends' as your feelings for him are stronger than that.  Then give him space on his own without any contact from you to decide how he really feels.