How do you stop been in love with someone that you shouldn't have that kind of f

  1. sir_tallest profile image65
    sir_tallestposted 6 years ago

    How do you stop been in love with someone that you shouldn't have that kind of feeling for

    i have a cousin that keeps bugging me that she knows she's madly in love with me....can't sleep,eat and all that goes with the feelng...i really need her to stop cause it's already going to far...any advise

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    HERBERT ubaldoposted 6 years ago

    The best you can do is to give distnce both of you until she realise her fault.

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    lafamilliaposted 6 years ago

    Wow, I personally really appreciate that you shared this with Your followers.
    -I have had same situation, but not with my cousin. Yours is ,well worse in a meaning - that's an incest. But, let me give an advice as an very experienced person - no matter my years.My past is SOMETHING- believe me.

    if I was you, I would try to tell her to back of and on nice way,first try to explain on some, maybe, creative ways { trough some examples } how wrong it is, and how sick it is for other people... Second, if it works, You need to explain and put yourself in front of her - like a person that shares, empathy - same feelings, like her and like you "know" how hard it is for her.
    Having in mind that you've already wrote that's gone too far - I assume that you two have already done something that is beyond "acceptable".

    My second advice is to, call her, make a meeting on public place - so she couldn't get You in an "drama" situation and those situations similar to "I will kill myself if we can't hook up,and be together..." ... so, on public place - she will feel a need to behave herself - and USE IT. Now, be strong, and you are now there.Almost. Now - with an slightly aggressive attitude - grab her hand pretty hard, tell her that you're sorry that you gave her a "hope" that you might have a chance - and apologize for that, then again tell her that THAT IS NOT AN END OF YOUR relationship in a meaning that she still has an person/partner - the opposite side - that will ALWAYS be there for her,listen to her, and someone that she can lean on. Be serious, and make her really believe in that. LOOK HER IN THE EYES. At the end, after your cup of tea, or beer {something that causes relax behave} follow her to the home,and repeat and talk about that this is not an END and that you are always there for her.Tell me if this worked and if I was helpful.