What does your significant other do to let you know he/she loves you?

  1. Karen Hellier profile image92
    Karen Hellierposted 8 years ago

    What does your significant other do to let you know he/she loves you?

    Do they make you coffee in the morning? Give the kids a bath so you don't have to? Surprise you with flowers? What types of little things do they do to let you know they care?

  2. profile image28
    hsquaretechposted 8 years ago

    She care my each and every thing. From wakeup upto sleep. she are gives care to baby too. I am very happy with my wife.

  3. onegoodwoman profile image69
    onegoodwomanposted 8 years ago


    Candlelight, romance, bathe the kiddies ( when they were small )...........surely you jest.

    Make breakfast, rub my tired aching feet, draw me a bath?    You must be reading magazines for these ideas!

    My husband does NONE of these things............in fact, he doesn't even remember my birthday or anniversary until the kids call home!

    Enough about that..............let me tell you about what he DOES do.

    I can not remember, can not even remember the last time that I checked the oil, the tire pressure, ( changed a tire, where is the jack ) the windshield washing fluid in my truck.........I do know how, but I have not  done in so very long..................yet...........I am well supplied.

    The heater warms, the AC cools.

    There is a 4 way valve on the outside faucet to accomdate both, my chickens and my garden.

    My washing machine is perfectly balanced.

    There is always some money in the bank ( not alot, we are not rich, but he brings his paycheck home).

    Forget the jokes you may have heard about........" my ole lady washing my bike ", he keeps mine " spit polished".

    He cleans the sewer, mows the yard, retrieves any puppies, kittens, or rodents that were  either born or died  under the house.

    He stands up for me ( and our children )..........even though he might have issues with us after the fact................that is fair!

    He makes it home for the holidays, endures..........no, he truthfully admires my family...........( coming from foster homes )

    He goes to work, brings his money home, and has NEVER complained in what I spend................NEVER ( but then, I am the family tightwad)

    He would not attempt to cross me, but neither would he hesitate to tell me, "I AM" going to go here, buy this item, or do this thing.

    He goes a long way with me, yet he lets me know, if I am nearing the line, on the boarders of a bad decision.................in the end,  HE, my hubby, is my most trusted friend.   He is willing to " tow the line", but NOT to take any sucker punches.

    What does my spouse do for me?     He lives with me, day in and day out, for 30 t years.   He is the ONLY person, that I know, who has the gumption to say............."you are being too hard, demanding, expecting too much, OR, you are letting this person or problem take advantage of you..............the ONLY ONE who dares to call me to the carpet without sugar coating the message.  THE ONLY ONE!

    Re-reading this..............I wonder, if I do enough for him!

    I would not trade him for mere, candlights, birthday gifts or baths.   I would not.


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