Why don't girls return calls?

  1. pb3131 profile image70
    pb3131posted 5 years ago

    Why don't girls return calls?

    Boy meets girl - mutual and obvious attraction.
    Boy asks for number, girl happily gives number and email address to boy.
    Boy sends email - no response.
    Boy calls and leaves message - no reponse.
    Boy sends email - no response.


    IMHO, not responding to a friendly communication after giving your number is rude and thoughtless. What am I missing here, ladies?


  2. debbiepinkston profile image83
    debbiepinkstonposted 5 years ago

    Maybe the girl really doesn't want to pursue a relationship.  That would be my best guess.  Also, being too insistant is a turn off.  Next time, send the girl a text message, and don't do anything else for a week.  Then send another text or email.  If you don't hear anything back, she's not interested. 

    When you do get an answer from her, here are some tips:
    -Don't assume she's looking for a serious relationship.  She may just want to be friends, and thats ok because friendships usually last longer than dating relationships.
    -Don't talk about yourself when you're together or communicating on the phone.  No girl likes a guy who only knows how to talk about himself.  It just confirms what many women think: Men are self-centered.  This is probably not the case, but talking about your life and your interests only will give her that impression.
    -Ask her about her life-not interrogation style, but casually, and then REALLY LISTEN!  Reflect back to her what you've heard and how you think she might be feeling.
    -Do nice things for her without expecting anything in return.  Any girl would be impressed with a guy who offers to wash her car or help her in some other way.
    -Enjoy your time with her-be yourself and find lots of common interests that you can talk about.
    -Don't talk about your ex girlfriends or exwife.
    -Be a gentleman. Those are in high demand these days.

    Hope this is helpful, coming from a girl/lady with a wonderful husband who follows all the above advice!

  3. MickS profile image71
    MickSposted 5 years ago

    Because that's they way they are, I expect there will be as many boys who don't return calls to girls.  The best thing is to forget about them and find one of the other fish in the sea.  The important  thing is to not to appear eager or distraught about it, once you do you're well and truly hooked.