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Where do broken hearts go?

  1. cherrycrime26 profile image81
    cherrycrime26posted 5 years ago

    Where do broken hearts go?

    When your heart is broken, what effect does it have on your mental and physical?

  2. Neil Sperling profile image83
    Neil Sperlingposted 5 years ago

    Broken hearts cause growth - unless you whine forever.

    At first a broken heart will throw your mental and physical self out of balance. This is natural because a personal plan for your own life has been altered by someone else .... so it is out of your hands to control.

    If you wallow around in self pity for ever, you will never learn a darn thing.

    If you learn from the experience you will open your heart to a truth. "No-one ever owns another"

    Self love is first and foremost. When you are truly comfortable in your own skin and accept yourself - you will no longer be broken to pieces when a relationship ends... rather you will be grateful for the time spent with that other person.

    Sharing time with another on this journey through life is a gift, a lesson to learn or just simply a pleasure.

    To hold a grudge is like giving another rent FREE space in your head. Get over it - let go -- GROW and learn to love life and love living!!!  Learn to accept and love yourself.

    Cheers to a happy you!

  3. jpcmc profile image90
    jpcmcposted 5 years ago

    Brokn hearts can be stressful.  In some cases the person gets sick - it's what they call broken heart synmdrome.  I learned about it in an episode of Scrubs.  Although it's usually associated with passing of a loved one, the surge of emotions can have the same effect as breaking up.  That's one side of the story though.  ON the other end of the spectrum are those who jump right back and move on.  In any case, having your heart broken is not an easy burden to carry.

  4. kingphilipIV profile image59
    kingphilipIVposted 5 years ago

    It is physically and mentally stressful. You  really feel so weak. I don't know where do broken hearts go.. smile

  5. blessedp profile image80
    blessedpposted 5 years ago

    Broken heart brings stress, withdrawal, self pity, bitterness.