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What causes a broken heart?

  1. bayareagreatthing profile image68
    bayareagreatthingposted 8 years ago

    What causes a broken heart?

    What can heal a broken heart?

  2. brokenheartedmom profile image54
    brokenheartedmomposted 8 years ago

    Hmmm..so many things..in so many different ways. The ones I felt, the challenges I faced in my life are, Manipulation, seeing and not believing, something lost, stuggles, name calling, unforgivable choices caused my broken heart. I could go on.. Everything happens for a reason. I have been through some seriouse hardship but i am a strong minded woman, I have learned and I continue to pay it forward in life, with everyone, I dont judge, hate, nor do I do the shoulda coulda woulda?? :-)
    Healing a broken heart depends on who is doing the healing..everybody is different and a broken heart comes with so many different things. Mine has some healing that goes on through the years and every year. I have yet to have closure...
    Im still healing but I know what I want and go for it and success is most defiantly in my present and future.

  3. landthatilove profile image54
    landthatiloveposted 8 years ago

    I believe the feeling of a broken heart is chemical within our own bodily systems and originates from the adrenal gland and sends a message to the brain. same kind of thing happens when we fall in love or get angry. A broken heart is an emotion. Please, someone correct me if I am wrong or add further information if I am on the right track.

    If we understand that a broken heart is physical then it removes the mystery and we can better deal with it by learning to deny the triggers that bring the feeling to the surface. Try replacing those triggers when they crop up with a positive mental picture instead. Eventually you will have retrained those responses.

  4. Kathy T profile image60
    Kathy Tposted 8 years ago

    I have a pretty strong passive type personality and can push things aside and move on. But the deep ache of loss breaks my heart. That final goodbye is heart wrenching to me. Wither it is a physical loss of a loved one, or an emotional loss of a friendship. It would have to be a friendship that I put a lot of myself into. Also empathy for children, to see a child any child not just my own suffering in any type of way, that breaks my heart.

  5. profile image49
    NNathanielStockposted 8 years ago

    Falling truely in love with someone and this someone has no feelings for you back. Being around this person running in to this person that you fell in love with and your heart aches to be around this person that has no feelings for you and doesnt respect you enough to see how you feel ignoring your feelings and always comming into your life opening up deep wounds that never heal. Once one loves someone its best never to see the other person ever again. Myself I fell in love with a beautiful young woman, she got inside of me my heart and then broke it beyond repair. I now have no use for love, relationships I remain single never letting one into my life, my heart. Too top it off she still comes around to break my heart all over again.

  6. donotfear profile image88
    donotfearposted 8 years ago

    I beieve that rejection causes a broken heart, disappointment and unmet expectations run a close 2nd & 3rd. What NNathaniel says above is also very true.

  7. stricktlydating profile image81
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    The loss of dreams you held with that person, strong feelings of being let down by the person you love the most, rejection. Disbelief and emotional pain due to other persons hurful actions...

  8. kaye777 profile image51
    kaye777posted 7 years ago

    insensitive people...they knew from the start that they can't see forever with another person but still pursue and caused enormous pain eventually..Karma has its may anyway..

  9. profile image0
    scriber1posted 7 years ago

    A broken heart is almost always caused by one or both persons living unrealized lives; that is, failing to be where one is, when one is.....

  10. Lucky Cats profile image76
    Lucky Catsposted 7 years ago

    A feeling of an inability to understand, accept or fix something which causes one pain on a personal level.  Most will equate a broken heart with the loss of love between people.   This is but one aspect of experiencing a broken heart.  Though, of course, it is not an actual physical thing; and this condition is subject to the individual experience; it is, none the less, a real experience.  Feelings of loss, hurt, pain, disappointment and helplessness contribute to the "broken heart" syndrome, in my humble opinion.

    When one feels overwhelmed and helpless in the face of something 'bigger' than themselves, when one cannort figure out a way to improve conditions; one is left with a feeling of being "broken," hurting, and impotent.  Therefore, a "broken heart" is the result.

    At least, for me, this is how I interpret the term.

  11. Darlene Sabella profile image58
    Darlene Sabellaposted 6 years ago

    My heart is broken, but let me count the ways.  Life can break your heart.  Japan has broken my heart.  Abuse of children, animals and nature. Honestly. and personally, I am older now, but loss of loved ones and people I have known for years fade away into the background.  Getting very sick where you can't do the thinkgs you love to do, and lossing a mate.  As we get older out heart are filled with cracks from all the experience we had thoughout or live, we gave our hearts away too freely and when we look back we can't even remember the names of those people.  Yes, you leave a piece of yourself with those that touched your heart, and then one day you have lost all the pieces and your heart becomes too broken to fix.  Love & peace Darski

  12. rikabothra profile image61
    rikabothraposted 6 years ago

    Disappoinment causes a broken heart... when you have expectations from loved ones, but they let you down.. in whatever way.. it causes a broken heart..

  13. nabeelplus profile image61
    nabeelplusposted 6 years ago

    when you are in serious relationship and your partner dont trust you