Hi Chris What do I do about this cappy man Im a aries woman? help

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    jazzy001posted 5 years ago

    Hi Chris What do I do about this cappy man Im a aries woman? help

    I was involved with a cappy man 17 years ago it was love at first sight we fell hard and had a relationship for two years I found out he was married and had to leave town for job purposes but we were so compatible  his birthday December 29th mine March 29th its funny his last child is born a day before my birthday how uncanny. We met in our twenties now in our forties chemistry between us awesome intellectually and sexually. He moved lost contact L left town and we met by chance I felt somone ambush me. We met in 2011 2012  some probe there he acting distant make arrangements to meet then dont

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    dashingscorpioposted 5 years ago

    The only help you need is to leave this married man alone! Zodiac signs have nothing to do with it. The reason why he makes arrangements and doesn't show up as well as acts "distant" is because he clearly does NOT want to end his marriage! You state that you "found out" he was married which implies he led you to believe he was single. In other words he lied to you as well as lied to his wife and the mother of his children. He may have loved being (in you) but he does Not love YOU and has never been "in love" with you.
    Bottom line, there are 7 Billion people on the planet and half of them are men surly you can find a man who is not looking for a (part-time booty call). Only you can decide if you would be happier having the cake as oppose to having the crumbs!

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    Christofers Flowposted 5 years ago

    I am not sure I followed the series of meetings and leavings, but my point of emphasis is that Aries is always on the qui vive.  You are alive all the time.  And the long ago first meeting strikes romantic strings.   Cappy's are involved very little with sentiment.  They are completely involved in the complexity of their achievement and success.  So --- wherever you find him is the most key in the story.  Aries is not so emotional or sentimental that they are crippled by lost love, but they are intrigued because their soul likes drama.  Excitement is kind of what you are about.  You asked what to do?   I can't tell from your story if he is beating down your door or not. Aries seldom is shy, so I am not sure if your question is that he is with another, always on the move, or you have someone else you are also thinking about.  It sounds like fate and his travelling schedule have as much to do with this as your inner intentions regarding him.  If you wish to clarify, go ahead.  Blessings.