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How many lifelong friends do you have?

  1. breathe2travel profile image80
    breathe2travelposted 5 years ago

    How many lifelong friends do you have?

    Are your closest friends people you've known since your youth, or people you've befriended as an adult?

  2. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    Wow, Good question. I have many friends. But, There is only one that I consider Lifelong and know we are there for each other at "Anytime". We have been friends since we were 14.

  3. viewfinders profile image68
    viewfindersposted 5 years ago

    i have a few good friends but no one can say whether they will remain lifelong...

  4. Shanaaya profile image60
    Shanaayaposted 5 years ago

    hmmm i've got many friends but we are a circle of 6 best buddies ever... can call anyone of them at anytime..they are here for me... though 2 have gone abroad for further studies we still stay in touch and the rest are  here with me... they are family big_smile big_smile

  5. KathyH profile image95
    KathyHposted 5 years ago

    One lifelong friend, we've known each other since middle school... a few years ago! Ha!! I have four in a group that have been friends for almost 20 years now, so I guess you'd call them friends for 1/2 of my life... but working on lifelong. smile I feel blessed for sure!

  6. Clayton Fernandes profile image79
    Clayton Fernandesposted 5 years ago

    Yeah i got 2 friends, been together since the 4th grade, that would make it 26years of friendship, never ever fought or parted. stuck through it all. we're like family. Bond is stronger than blood for us. Never anywhere without the other. Even when people till date, ask either 1 of us, where are the other 2. Other people think we're gay, but we're not lol. Theres so much we've been through seen and done. The 3 musketeer's. Now only D'artagnon is left to find, the fourth musketeer, making our set complete! haha!