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Why do you think celebrities divorce a lot and leave a bad impression to general

  1. Damodar Bashyal profile image71
    Damodar Bashyalposted 5 years ago

    Why do you think celebrities divorce a lot and leave a bad impression to general people?

    Just heard another couple divorced, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Why most of the celebrities doesn't try to save their marriage? Do you think it's just because of their work commitment as they are at separate places most of the time?

  2. dinkan53 profile image77
    dinkan53posted 5 years ago

    It is not a big surprise when we see many celebrity couples get divorced. Several factors can be the reason for these breakups. Rumors plays a significant role in relationships as it can put doubts and worries in the celebrity couples mind, whether the partners cheating on them! And about cheating, as the spouse has to work for months with out seeing each other, chances are great to experience affection to other peoples(for example co-workers) as they all are quite attractive. Many of the celebrities can found alcohol and drugs as substitute for their partner and become addicted to it. One more reason I think is money, as more momey more problems. Ego clashes can also play role in the breakups.There are many non celebrity couples who divorce within weeks of getting married that no one is aware about that because people are not interested about that. Public and media are actually doing a lot of harm in celebrity relationship.

    1. Damodar Bashyal profile image71
      Damodar Bashyalposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That's really nice answer dinkan53. Thank you for your answer.

  3. Uninvited Writer profile image83
    Uninvited Writerposted 5 years ago

    The fact that 50% of the general population does make it seem like more celebrities divorce, but they don't really.

    1. Damodar Bashyal profile image71
      Damodar Bashyalposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Most popular celebrities divorce often and that makes impression like all celebs divorce at least once before settling with someone :-)

  4. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 5 years ago

    A divorce is nothing more than one or both people coming to the realization that their marriage was a mistake. I honestly believe the number one cause for divorce is and has always been selecting the wrong mate.

    We often get into relationships and marry people for numerous reasons. Sometimes we have yet to figure out what it is we truly want and need in a life partner, Or what worked for us at one time no longer suits us and our mate is happy with the way things are. Other times one or both people (changes) dramatically over the years from what caused them to fall in love. A mate may commit a "deal breaker" which destroys the foundation of the marriage.
    There is no amount of "communication" or "work" that can overcome being with someone who does not want what you want." Relationships don't come down to "right" or "wrong" but rather "agree" or "disagree". Ultimately we are looking for someone who (naturally agrees) with us on the major things in life.
    Lastly I believe having more "options" especially financial means tends to cause us to put up with less "crap"  or stops us from going with the flow because we fear our living standard will drop signifcantly. Two world famous multi-millionaire celebrities are not likely to stay together if they are "unhappy". They are both rich and they know there are millions of people who would love to date  or marry them.
    Having "options" effects everything we do in life. Imagine having a job where your boss rides you everyday and at the same time (you know) if you quit there are 100s of companies that would hire you in a heartbeat! How long would you stay and try to (work) things out? Continue to try to get your boss to change? or Attempt to change yourself?
    There is a large segment of the general public who become "emotionally invested" in the lives of celebrities. Many of these people live their lives (vicariously) through them. When they learn of a divorce or any other hardship a celebrity has to deal with they feel as though their best friend or a family memember is going through a hard time and it upsets them.

    1. Damodar Bashyal profile image71
      Damodar Bashyalposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Nice! really liked your answer. Thanks for taking time to write all that. Thank you (bow) :-)

  5. Globetrekkermel profile image78
    Globetrekkermelposted 5 years ago

    DIVORCE IS  PART OF THE CELEBRITY TERRITORY.It is  a requirement of the job.Name one celebrity who has not been divorced? With thousands of celebrities floating around, you can only handpick a few who had been married for the rest of their lives.And those celebrities who stuck through their marriages are considered endangered species by Hollywood standards .LOL!  Non celebrities divorce at a speed faster than you can ever imagine, how much more  for a celebrity ? The nature of the job calls for dissolution of marriage the moment you set your feet on the door of the celebrity world.