Is arranged marriage illegal in Australia

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    boparais1posted 5 years ago

    Is arranged marriage illegal in Australia

    If you are from a Indian background do you have to have a arranged marriage  ,even if you don't want to. and your parents choose your partner and you don't live in India.But your parents ( or one parents does and the other okay with you marry your free will) are from India culture and want you too, but you want to be able to marry free will

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    DreamerMegposted 5 years ago

    What you are describing is NOT an arranged marriage but a forced marriage. In the UK, forced marriage is illegal. Australia follows a lot of the UK legislation and I understand that Australia is considering bringing in legislation to outlaw forced marriage. Forced marriage does not just mean that you have to get married with the threat of a gun to your head. It also includes coercion, blackmail, etc.

    If you are being coerced into a marriage you don't want, that is a FORCED marriage and you should not have to go through that. You should be able to find someone in Australia that you can turn to for help.