I think 'Arranged marriage' is better than 'Love marriage'. What's your opinion

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  1. Kurias James profile image61
    Kurias Jamesposted 8 years ago

    I think 'Arranged marriage' is better than 'Love marriage'. What's your opinion ?


  2. safiq ali patel profile image76
    safiq ali patelposted 8 years ago

    wow what a question. In some cultures an arranged marriage is done without really giving thought as to weather the participants to the marriage will be matched or not. However, there are other more responsible cultures who take the time to think. Some even read astrology and consult in different ways. Arranged marriages either work out to be a disaster or the they succeed. Not everyone who has had a marriage arranged is against the arrangement. We hear a lot of bad publicity about arranged marriages BUT there are stories out there where the arrangement has been a success. All too often arranged marriages are also confused with forced marriages the two are different.

  3. dailytop10 profile image86
    dailytop10posted 8 years ago

    Arranged marriage is not bound by true love so I doubt it will last.

  4. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 8 years ago

    I think I am more interested in your reasons for saying arranged marriage is better than I am in answering the question.

    I can only speak from my own experience. Marriage is the ultimate intimacy and to enter into it it without love would be unthinkable for me. I married for love 42 years ago and we are still going strong.  I didn't have to learn to love him or grow to love him, the love was already there and that is why we married.  I just couldn't do it any other way.

    1. Kurias James profile image61
      Kurias Jamesposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Truely i admire you........  Hope you will invite me for your 50th Wedding Aniversary Celebration.
                                   Live together in  Love,  till death... My wishes

  5. cjpooja26 profile image64
    cjpooja26posted 8 years ago

    We can arrange love marriage. For me both are good, Love may also fail after marriage and Arrange marriage may fail because they don't know their partners before marriage. In arrange marriage love can be grown after they knew each other both possibilities are there.

  6. profile image0
    Old Empresarioposted 8 years ago

    Parents would always agree with you and their children would never agree. Personally, I do think parents know best in these matters. When people get married for love, it is proven that more than 50% will end in divorce since love creates expectations that are too high and that are impossible to sustain once met.

    1. profile image0
      CJ Sledgehammerposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Good stuff, Old Empresario!!!

  7. peachpurple profile image65
    peachpurpleposted 8 years ago

    Arranged marriage are still going on in conservative countries, especially the Asians. My opinion is Love marriage is far better than arranged because you are going to live for the next 60-70 donkey years with yr spouse. Nobody would want to live with a stranger for the sake of getting married unless you are in late forties ...might as well stay bachelor then...

  8. MickS profile image60
    MickSposted 8 years ago

    I think that you are talking out of your arse.

  9. Monis Mas profile image79
    Monis Masposted 8 years ago

    In your question you said that arranged marriage is better... Why do YOU think so?

    1. Kurias James profile image61
      Kurias Jamesposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I don't even know what made me to think like that. I believe that 50% Love marriage breaks after marriage. Very few are bonded with strong love. Now there is a better  possibility  of arranged Love  marriage. What do you think.?

    2. Monis Mas profile image79
      Monis Masposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Kurias James - I never believed in arranged marriages, maybe because it was no such think in my culture. It has always been about love for me, it never crossed my mind to do it any other way...

  10. lupine profile image75
    lupineposted 8 years ago

    Only if you happen to be in love with the person you have the arranged marriage with. Otherwise, love marriage is my choice.

  11. flacoinohio profile image77
    flacoinohioposted 8 years ago

    I am not sure what to think about them, but statistically, they have a significantly lower divorce rate.  Maybe part of it is that arranged marriages are traditional and couples that have a relationship that began as a tradition are more likely to have better success because the couple did not choose their partner, someone else did.  Traditional marriages may have more meaning than marriages based on love.  Good question.

  12. profile image0
    CJ Sledgehammerposted 8 years ago

    At the end of the day, no marriage is safe in the United States. The only binding agreements in America are business contracts, while everything else is routinely ignored.

    The problem with marrying for "love" is that love can be a fickle emotion and once the winds of passion have changed...the marriage stands on precarious grounds.

    Studies have shown that "arranged" marriages are more stable than marrying for love in the long run. Another problem Americans face is that once that loving feeling is gone and the "Honeymoon" is over...so are many of the marriages.

    The bottom line is that a marital commitment is only as good as the people who sign it.

    1. profile image0
      CJ Sledgehammerposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks, Kurias James!!! :0)

  13. DDE profile image25
    DDEposted 8 years ago

    I don't agree traditionally those cultures that accept arranged marriages are still living in their past generations, To marry one has to know who they are marrying and love them too.

  14. Kathryn Stratford profile image91
    Kathryn Stratfordposted 8 years ago

    In my opinion, marriage by choice is better than one arranged by someone else. There is nothing in my life I would want to be dictated by someone else, especially the most intimate relationship that can be had.


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