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Have you ever had luck with a dating site?

  1. american13 profile image77
    american13posted 4 years ago

    Have you ever had luck with a dating site?

    Ive been on dating sites on and off for years but could never find anything meaningful from it. Im looking for some insight.

  2. jojoluvsjon profile image60
    jojoluvsjonposted 4 years ago

    Yes!  Don't give up! There is someone out there for each of us smile

  3. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 4 years ago

    Yes! and No!
    I believe you make your own luck. Naturally it depends on you knowing what it is (you) are looking for. Each of us (chooses) our own friends, lovers, and spouse. If you go to the store to purchase an apple but buy an onion instead... whose fault is that? Do you curse the onion for not being an apple? No! You learn to become a better shopper!
    Online dating is just another option or "tool" for meeting people. Too often we blame bad experiences on the (tool) which is like blaming a fork for being obese!  It always comes back to (us) and our choices. A fork can be used to eat a garden salad or a slice of double fudge chocolate cake. The same people online go to the grocery store, parks, beaches, malls, nightclubs, churches, and any other place where singles have been known to meet.
    I met my wife online and prior to her I met and had a 7 year relationship with someone I met online. Only you can determine what "success" is when it comes to dating.
    I think it's important to be (selective) about which sites to join. I stayed away from the "free" or lowest price sites which tend to attract the masses. Not every site is the same. Secondly only (you) know what it is you're looking for! Have the discipline to stick to your own "shopping list". You are responsible for (your) choices! A profile is very much like a "want ad" or "resume". Be mindful of what yours says about you. Oftentimes people are looking for someone who has traits that they themselves do not possess. "Don't expect to sit next to the moon unless you are a star!" At the same time it's kind of arrogant for anyone to believe (they) are the only "quality" person online. Trust me there are thousands if not millions of people online who believe the same thing! (Even after looking at YOUR profile).Awhile back I wrote a hub titled 6 Common Mistakes Women Make Online. These would also apply to men. Best of luck! http://dashingscorpio.hubpages.com/hub/ … ine-Dating

    1. american13 profile image77
      american13posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      The trouble I seem to have is, a lot of the women are mostly about talk. A lot of them I meet like once or twice and "that's it". Thats one of the things I deal with besides the endless texts that dont usually lead to anything. Just dont have luck...