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How do you deal with a dead beat ex husband/father of your child?

  1. wellspoken profile image60
    wellspokenposted 5 years ago

    How do you deal with a dead beat ex husband/father of your child?

    when your child wants to go with their parent who mistreats them because they have a drug addiction how do you handle that? how can you sleep at night when you are worried about the safety of your only child?
    why is the family support division so messed up? is it really about whats best for the kids?

  2. MsDora profile image94
    MsDoraposted 5 years ago

    This is a really difficult situation.  If you are a practicing Christian,your first recourse is a group of Spirit-filled intercessors who will plead your case with the Righteous judge for you. Seems that the justice system has already failed you.  Without knowing the age of the child, I would hope that the child will be able to relate  some kind of evidence that works against the addicted parent, causing the family support division to reconsider your case.  Meanwhile, claim some of God's promises for the protection of your child.

  3. MickS profile image70
    MickSposted 5 years ago

    Probably in the same way as one deals with a dead beat ex wife, and mother, let the authorities sort it out.

  4. abbykorinnelee profile image74
    abbykorinneleeposted 5 years ago

    When he was in the Army he had to communicate with me; he had no choice so I pretty much dealt with him having some third party from his command there because he wanted to kill me several times.  Later I tried to become his friend but he tried to pull the wool over my eyes and say what he thought I wanted him to just so he could get out of something.  After He got his disability and a huge lump sum up front that later I learned was 252 times 5 months for all three kids he kept....he bought a plane ticket to California and disappeared.  We have Colorado and Texas and Wisconsin and Maine...all wokring together to find him (and if they did or not I can't disclose...don't need him running again).  He has jumped five states, owes a total for all three of his kids 30 grand in back support and won't return an email.  I have tried everthing I could to deal with him...but some you just can't.  People ask me this question all the time...and why I bother and if the money's worth it.  They don't understand that I want not the money, I want him to be a father to his son...if he was I wouldn't go after all that money.  I get the highest every month ordered as well and if I could have my kid know his dad I would give the money away.  What its about is because I haven't been able to deal with him because he isn't wanting to communicated...and he is hiding...its the principle of the matter.  We instead have made sure the kids know about each other..we have let them talk on the phone...that way they have a bond together.