What are the ways that divorce is considered to be the next step of growth and d

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What are the ways that divorce is considered to be the next step of growth and development

    in a marriage instead of a sign of utter failure?


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    krillcoposted 2 years ago

    If one uses the divorce as a springboard for self growth, it would be surrounding a forensic review of what went wrong in the relationship, followed by focus on lowering your own reactive process, increasing responsiveness, and balancing the six intimacies. This will prepare you to enter a new, healthier relationship.

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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    Every ending is a new beginning!
    When one strips away all the emotional pain, financial turmoil, and various other consequences a divorce is nothing more than a public admission that a "mistake" was made.
    Human beings make mistakes in all areas of life including mate selection. We have the capacity to learn from our mistakes and make better choices for ourselves in the future.
    There are only two ways to experience joy and peace of mind in relationships: We either get what we want or we learn to be happy with what we have. Accept them as is or move on.
    Everyone is entitled to have their own "deal breakers".
    A clean slate offers one the opportunity to reflect on what is really important to them as well as get back to the person they were.
    Oftentimes one discovers they allowed close relationships with family and friends to fade while married, or they abandoned hobbies or other interests. They may have even sacrificed a dream of theirs. With the newfound freedom of divorce they can get back on track.