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Why do Men have the urge to flirt?

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    Jasmine Denardposted 2 years ago

    Why do Men have the urge to flirt?

    Is it naturally or self-conscious?
    In or out a Relationship

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    choneycuttposted 2 years ago

    We all flirt.  Flirting conveys interest to another and helps move along the process of mating for humans.  However, men do flirt a lot more than women.  This might be because the man is generally seen as the initiator of sexual relations.  I have heard this excuse from women a million times; many girls simply will not ask a man out because they see it as the man's duty.

    Flirting is a natural process but it also has a conscious aspect to it in some cases.  For example, men who flirt with women out of their league at a bar as a way to impress their friends.  This phenomenon is intriguing because flirting has been so ingrained into the macho ideal that men will flirt with women just to show that they are confident.  In this case, flirting does not come about naturally, but it comes about psychologically.

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      Jasmine Denardposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      There nothing wrong with complementing but when it goes overboard and it turns into something that could've been not said then theres a promblem. Temptation is what its called especially when your married or in a Relationship.

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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago


    Some people view flirting as nothing more than having some fun.
    However in truth more often than not flirting is a way of "testing the waters". If she/he flirts back gradually it escalates to sexual innuendo.
    Nevertheless if the other person takes offense to being flirted with it gives the flirter (a way out).
    "I can't believe you thought I was serious!"
    Suddenly the offended person is on the defensive or appears small and lacking a sense of humor.
    The reality is most relationships between couples started off with a certain amount of flirting! Most people would not be happy to see their mate or spouse flirting with anyone. Therefore on some level we know it is considered a gateway to cheating. A married man who flirts with women is not going to make his wife happy. The same holds true for any husband who witnesses his wife flirting with other men.
    Last but not least even if you are flirting for "fun" it's vey possible the other person may believe you are sincerely interested in them. Naturally once they discover it was all in "fun" they may feel as though you mislead them or got their hopes up.