Have humans "advanced" so far that some of us now have the ability to override o

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    RC-Reality Checkposted 2 years ago

    Have humans "advanced" so far that some of us now have the ability to override our biology?

    Biological responses are what make mothers instinctively able to look after their child. Yet, not all mothers react in this way, some place their children up for adoption whilst others never truly learn to be a mother in the self-sacrificing biological sense. For example, a mother who places the interests of a new partner, non-father above her child.

    Is this because we have the ability, in some cases, to switch off our biological reaction in place of one driven by selfishness and/or free will, or something else?

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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    I'm not sure if it has anything to do with overriding biology.
    Some people never wanted to have children. There are others who never wanted to be married. A lot of what we ascribe as human nature is actually via gender indoctrination where children are taught by words and observation of cultural customs.
    From the time an infant leaves the hospital the girl is wrapped up in a "pink" blanket and the boy is wrapped up in a "blue" blanket. Many little girls are given baby dolls, strollers, and tea sets while their brothers are given race tracks, boxing robots, and remote control cars/boats/planes or water pistols. Who is to say if a parent gave them the opposite toys they would not enjoy themselves.
    On the other hand (most) human beings are advanced to the point of not allowing their "instincts" to override social decorum in their quest to pursue their goals and aspirations in life.
    A man or woman can decide to be celibate for the sake of becoming a nun or a priest. Human beings can choose whether not be a vegetarian, carnivore, or a mixture of both. We have the mental capability to decide how we want to live our lives.
    We also have the technology where a woman can choose to have a tubal  ligation surgery and a man have a vasectomy allowing them to have sex without fear of procreating.
    In fact the very definition of self-discipline is controlling one's instincts in order to delay immediate gratification for the purpose achieving a long-term goal
    The brain/mind is the most powerful organ in the body. A person locked up in a prison cell can close their eyes imagine them self laying on the beach. Perception becomes reality.
    For years it was speculated that women could not have sex for the sake of sex like men without becoming emotionally attached because oxytocin caused them to bond. And yet lots of women have had one night stands! Porn stars, and prostitutes have sex with random people without becoming emotionally invested every single day!
    If oxytocin was so powerful there would be no incidences of women cheating! However anyone who has seen an episode of "Cheaters", "Paternity Court", or "The Maury Povich Show" aka "You are not the father!" is clearly aware that women do cheat!
    Even lesbians report having had girlfriends cheat on them!
    It's probably time we stop making assumptions about people based upon their gender. Maybe the mother chooses her lover over her children because she doesn't feel guilt or obligated to do otherwise. These things are taught via lessons and social stigmatization.
    Some people have the ability to focus only on what (they) want.