Who Is a mother? What make a woman a real mother?

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  1. MrsHernandez profile image59
    MrsHernandezposted 13 years ago

    Who Is a mother? What make a woman a real mother?

    There are enough women out there having kids but still are not mothers, they just have kids because they can and because they want to, others have kids because it comes from the heart...


  2. twilanelson profile image61
    twilanelsonposted 13 years ago

    Love, I do not mean to just say the word or just to love our children.  A real and nurturing mother provides emotional warmth, caring and love.  She has love gently and warmly flowing from her eyes into the eyes of children. Love flows, with warmth from the palms of a mothers  hands, and flows gently throughout the body of a child.  A mother has love warmly flowing through and pouring out of every pore of her body and every bit of her heart and soul.  Love is the answer.

    1. Nicole Welton profile image49
      Nicole Weltonposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      WOW Twila, absolutely hope we all strive for this if not perfect it. Thanks for great input

  3. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 13 years ago

    The literal meaning of mother is one who gives birth.  But being a mother encompasses much more.  It is a willingness to subjugate your own wants and needs for the well being of a child under your care and add to that heaps of unconditional love and hugs.

  4. Monisajda profile image61
    Monisajdaposted 13 years ago

    What makes a real mother? Perhaps the fact that she always believes in her children, she will strive to give them the best she can. I mean not in terms of material things (although these are needed, too) but in emotional aspect. She will want her children to be intellectually stimulated, emotionally taken care of.
    When you give a birth, not only a child is born but a mother is born, too. From a relatively egoistical person you need to transform yourself into a completely altruistic person. Very often you need to forgo basic things you took for granted like shower in the morning or eating when you feel like it. Caring for a newborn is very time demanding. Mothers learn to shift and balance eventually their kids needs and their own.
    Real mother follows her heart and enjoys her children (at least most of the time) instead of building a barrier between herself and them. She takes charge instead of delegating mothering responsibilities to other.

  5. delaneyworld profile image78
    delaneyworldposted 12 years ago

    I believe that being a mother is being a woman that is compassionate and loving.  It is someone who puts their child's needs first, someone who is nurturing, loving, a great communicator and someone who loves without restriction, loves without condition.  I think being a mother is one of the most amazing blessings we can ever have.

  6. gmwilliams profile image81
    gmwilliamsposted 8 years ago


    A mother is a woman who is committed to her children & seeks their best welfare.  A real mother sacrifices for her children.  She wants far better opportunities for them than she wants for herself & works to make it so.  She encourages & nurture her children's unique talents.  She rejoices in their accomplishments.  If they surpass her, she is not envious, jealous, steals their thunder, nor seeks to sabotage them in any way.   She never makes underhanded comments or remarks to them because they have an easier childhood than she had.  She would never remark to her children that they have it too easy. 

    She has children to SERVE them, not the other way around.  She has the amount of children that she can give them the best educational, cultural, intellectual, & socioeconomic opportunities.  She does not have MORE children than she can afford, putting them into impoverished circumstances where there are scarcity of opportunities.  She also do not have the amount of children to make oldest/older children forfeit their formative childhood years assuming adult responsibilities.  She is TOO SMART & CARING for that.  She makes sure that her children have a good, enriching, & normative childhood/adolescence.

    She would never compare one child to another.  She appreciates each of her children's talents.  She would never play the favoritism game. ALL of her children are HER FAVORITES.   She knows how insidious favoritism is to a child's precious self-esteem.  She puts her children first, even before her husband as her children are precious & more vulnerable than any man would be.  After, he is an adult & can take care of himself, thank you kindly.

    She wants her children to be self-sufficient & independent.  She would do anything in her power to create independent adults who have power & believe that they can achieve & be anything they sent their minds on. She would never tell her children that a dream is unrealistic or too big.  She would never denigrate her children's ambition, telling them to settle & get a REAL job.  She would never tell them to be mediocre when they can be extraordinary.

    1. Nicole Welton profile image49
      Nicole Weltonposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Amen. This is beautiful and truthful.

    2. Debra Souther profile image53
      Debra Southerposted 7 years agoin reply to this


  7. platinumOwl4 profile image70
    platinumOwl4posted 8 years ago

    This is a very complex question, yet it has a very simple answer. A mother is a female who possess the qualities to nurture a child or children. Many parents are unable to do so.

    1. gmwilliams profile image81
      gmwilliamsposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Good answer.

  8. roselinsojan profile image59
    roselinsojanposted 8 years ago

    Mother means a women , loving, caring and sacrificing.

  9. profile image50
    Debranneposted 8 years ago

    Being willing to listen, love, learn through your children.  Being a mother is knowing when to help and when to let gi

  10. koastalkendall profile image61
    koastalkendallposted 8 years ago

    I mother is completely selfless, loving and nurturing. Love and nurturing are two different things. Nurturing starts from newborn on, you have to establish that between mother and baby and that is how we gain our motherly instincts that people think us mothers get just by popping one out. True mothers are mothers for life. They don't slack because they have a new interest in life. Their children are their world. It is our job as mothers to raise children, not to have other people do it. A mother is a lifelong decision because there is no bond stronger or true than a mother to her child. The most precious gift in this world is having a child. It is the most painful thing to see when a child is being deprived from having a true bond with their mother, for that should be the most trusting person the child will ever encounter in life. Love is a choice and is unconditional. A true mother has both qualities, love and nurturing. A mother is mom.

  11. Elizabeta Clever profile image62
    Elizabeta Cleverposted 7 years ago

    A real mother is an older sister who takes responsibility of her younger siblings because they don't have parents to rely on.
    A wife who can't bare a child yet adopts someone else's child as her own.
    A graduating student with a promising future who gave up everything to raise and give her child a future.
    A woman who works non- stop to provide for her family.
    A woman who sees more of the things she has gained than the things she has given up from having a child.

    A real mother simply knows that her own life is no longer hers but somebody else's.

  12. profile image0
    mthannahposted 7 years ago

    My biological mom was my mother. My grandmother was my mother. My aunt was my mother. I've had mothers for different seasons of life. When I needed something and a strong, yet tender hearted female provided that for me, they were acting motherly.

    Being a mother is providing for others in your actions and words. Tending to someone's needs as if they were your own.

  13. Becky Callahan profile image81
    Becky Callahanposted 7 years ago

    A mother is someone who will sacrifice in certain ways to provide better opportunities for her child. Women do not have to make perfect parenting decisions; mistakes are inevitable, and they are very valuable if a woman learns from them.

    It takes effort to give up comfort and conveniences for the sake of the long term health of a child, but that is what good mothers do all the time. A mother's sacrifice can take many forms.

    She can lose time or sleep when caring for a sick child. She may delay a personal goal in order to prepare a child well academically or socially for school. She may put off romantic relationships until she knows the child is secure enough to handle a new family dynamic and form healthy bonds. Whatever the difficult decision, a mother is a good one any time she puts the well being of her child ahead of her own.

  14. GoodnewsBassey profile image60
    GoodnewsBasseyposted 6 years ago

    I a real  mother is a person who committed to her children.

  15. Deborah Minter profile image90
    Deborah Minterposted 6 years ago

    A mother puts their child first, above everything else.

  16. profile image50
    Varpriposted 6 years ago

    I think a real mother is an ideal mother. When we say the word mother, then the first thing that came to our mind is care. Everyone needs someone who really cares without any selfish reasons. This is what we get from our mother. A selfless love and care that is priceless and one of the happiest thing in this world. We all have a mother, some are really good and some are good. But, we cannot term them bad because each mother tries her level best to give best to their children. I found many children complaining that their mother is busy enough in her work whether it is household or their job. But, they forget one thing that is for whom she is so busy.

  17. Merlene Brown profile image56
    Merlene Brownposted 6 years ago

    Some mothers have children because they want its one of life greatest gift,some believe thought it just walk in the park,some u believe was given a choice before actually making a choice.
    What makes a woman a real mother is the love and sacrifice she made making sure that child is provided for with love and and sheltor ,that that needs comes before own.She'll go the extra mile( bend over backwards ) so to speak.Sh'll practice good values and pass those values on to her child.A woman who has the real stamina crises and still keep going because she's a beast in protecting her young yet still give her heart for that child.
    giftedhands/newborn care.

  18. Martin Buuri profile image67
    Martin Buuriposted 6 years ago

    I respect a mother for that singular role of carrying and delivering a baby,its an imaginable to anyone who has never or can not be.Anything else in my opinion is secondary.

  19. XBhelliom profile image66
    XBhelliomposted 6 years ago

    A mother, by all sense as most commonly comes to mind when heard or read, is a woman that has given birth to a biological child/children. But looking deep into it, a "mother" is a "nurturer", a nurturer not just  in the sense of producing or giving life per se but it's about raising up, taking care, enriching, molding, building, repairing, nourishing, protecting, teaching, training, guiding and encouraging a life, a household or be where the role of the nurturer is needed. Those are just among the few that i could cite but there are a whole lot out there and it never stops. When we focus on a life that a mother nurtures, all the aspects of life sets in. The physical, emotional, spiritual, social, material needs are given attention. Whether that life is from her (biologically) or not whichever ways, the most important that really matter is her ability to carry out the role she is called to undertake by which of course regardless of whatever situation she is in, as long as she is doing it to the best of her abilities which a real mother always does smile. And what do I mean by a real mother? what makes a woman a real mother? Am I just referring to those well adept moms who are capable of just giving their children the good stuffs in all the aspects I mentioned above? No, I'm referring to All of the Imperfect moms who commit mistakes, who might hurt their children/love ones unintentionally for misunderstood reasons, who might lack in a few aspects or more. So IMPERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL! It makes them human enough to be empathetic and the ultimate superheroes of our lives. They can not be measured and defined by the lack that they have, but by their enormous strength that seems to never run dry, their persistence, faith and dedication to keep on trying even if the whole world's crumbling. Despite imperfection they remained faithful and stick to what they are called to: NURTURER, STEWARD OF LIFE. I salute every MOM out there. NO ONE could have ever done what you have accomplished and is still doing to your family, love ones and with every life that you touch until the stage closes.

    PS. Oh well smile We should really love and respect our moms, I realized their great sacrifice and effort just to bring lives in exchange to theirs. I couldn't forget the day I first attended a delivery case when i was still a student nurse back then. I almost cried, I'd thought, " So these are the hardships they go through."

  20. profile image51
    chinmay biswasposted 6 years ago

    A real mother is that woman who can take the place of other but whose place no one else can take.

  21. profile image51
    Cameron Knightposted 6 years ago

    Being a mother is only a label. Whether people use the title "mother" as reason, excuse, a job, a hope, a tradition or what they think is right etc... they will still be labeled by society but what we truly believe is up to us.

  22. Shwetam profile image59
    Shwetamposted 6 years ago

    The moment the word mother comes to our minds we feel connected , loved, cared . But mother doesnt just means that a woman who has given birth , i have come across mothers who have only been a biological mothers to their kids. Its like you have been given the power to give birth to a life by the almighty but you dont know how to do justice to this role .
    A mother is someone whose world revolves around her children, one who is willing to sacrifice her happiness, sleep , comfort and Fun... for her kids smile.
    And to sum up , I feel being a mother is not related to the gender ( apart from giving birth) .... A father can prove to be a great mother too

  23. airtoolsabout profile image61
    airtoolsaboutposted 6 years ago

    A mother is someone who gives her child first priority in all cases.

  24. Alan Grace profile image61
    Alan Graceposted 6 years ago

    A real mother's love is unconditional. She self-sacrifices and can still give her child a sense of security. She provides her child with the right character and values so that they can live a fulfilled, honest and whole life so that no matter what happens in their life the child is able to come out a winner. https://goo.gl/qbHGYw

  25. RobinReenters profile image60
    RobinReentersposted 6 years ago

    A mother is not just a mother she is a part of something that is beyond anything that you can possibly imagine such love and devotion she is the hard-working Mom on the most complex mission. She juggles so many different tasks with the finest of attributes but she is so giving not to let anyone down she will always be there even when she is gone my Mom was so amazing and she always said to me Robin you will never know what a Mom is until you are a Mom and how much I am realizing this from every day on. Giving birth is such an amazing thing holding your child is something that will stay with you the rest of your life from the very first time. LIke a "Divinity" such beauty as a plethora, such amount of energy of her love Mom's are so much more I will always love mine.You just learn so much to be a Mom and from your Mom, they have the best hearts they will always beat on

  26. creativewriter123 profile image60
    creativewriter123posted 5 years ago

    Love and Respect
    Before a woman becomes a mother, she must learn to love and respect herself. When a woman give birth to a child, she becomes a mother. But that is not enough. While it is important that you should love your child when you become a mother, your child should love and respect you as well. It is important to become a mother in real sense. That is only possible when you learn to love and respect yourself and your identity.

    Do not take yourself for granted or your children might do the same. A child learns most of the things in initial parts of life from his or her mother. if you don't trust and believe in yourself that you can set a good example for your child, how you will be his or her mother.

    Believe yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, and respect yourself. And then become a mother to your child that he or she can look up to and believe in.

  27. gmwilliams profile image81
    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    A mother is one who is concerned about the overall welfare of her children.  She puts her children first.  She is caring enough to think about the ramifications of her actions upon her present & future children.  She doesn't jeopardize her children's present nor future through irresponsible actions.   She THINKS rather than REACTS.

  28. yasmeen ghazall profile image61
    yasmeen ghazallposted 5 years ago

    Being a parent is just simply about having a kid but being a good mother is an innate feeling and the way you raise a baby, take care of him and protect him in every way possible shows how great and real mother you are! everyone could become a parent but not everyone could experience sincere motherhood! and the way you treat your baby is going to be reflected on the kind of relationship and bond you have between each other.


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