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How do you heal from a breakup?

  1. QC_1983 profile image80
    QC_1983posted 2 years ago

    How do you heal from a breakup?

  2. RLWalker LM profile image76
    RLWalker LMposted 2 years ago

    Sometimes by hating your ex for a certain period of time until the void they filled is replaced by someone else and then you forgive them and accept your own partaking in the breakup at which point you move on. Other times, its different and sometime, you may never heal until you stop existing.

  3. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago


    In order to "move on" you have to "let go".
    The first thing you have to do is accept it's over!
    As long as you hold out hope of reconciliation you'll never move on.
    The next step is to keep things in perspective.
    There are over 7 Billion people living on this planet! That person whom you feel you can't live without just know there are billions of us have doing exactly that every single day! In fact you used to be one of us! There are bound to be many future mating opportunities!
    In order for your ex to have been "the one" they would have had to see (you) as being "the one". At the very least a "soul-mate" is someone who actually wants to be with you! (And vice versa).
    Avoid the tendency to "romanticize the past".
    Spend time with friends & family who are supportive, Get back to treating yourself well including working out, getting back to participating in hobbies, goals, and other interest you may have neglected while in the relationship.
    Essentially that means cutting off all contact with an ex, unfriending them from social media accounts, putting away gifts and photos, deleting phone numbers, blocking email addresses, avoid going to places they frequent...
    Forget about being friends. The best friendships between exes generally occurs after a large gap in time allowing both people to fall "in love" with other people. Going from being "red hot lovers" to "instant platonic friends" is unrealistic. Generally speaking the person who dumps someone offers friendship as a "consolation prize". This helps them from feeling like the "bad guy". Unfortunately the person who gets dumped oftentimes views the "friendship" as a potential to eventually get back together.
    Sometimes matters are made even worse if the couple has sex again. While one person sees it as being a "booty call" or "friends with benefits" the other believes they are once again "seeing each other". They set themselves up for being hurt a second time or feeling used when they understand the truth.
    When you're ready get back out into the dating world. You may want to research some online dating sites or consider joining some hobby/interest groups on Meetup.com. Remember you're not alone.
    Truth be told when it comes to dating and relationships most of us (fail our way) to success! Very few people hit a homerun their first time at bat. Every ending is a new beginning!
    Your future lies ahead of you and not behind you!

    1. QC_1983 profile image80
      QC_1983posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      That's a very true statement. Well said. Being strong isn't about holding on, it's about letting go.

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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    Get a one night stand.  If you can't get a girl to sleep with you, then nail a prostitute.

    1. QC_1983 profile image80
      QC_1983posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      OK...to each its own lol

  5. Aaliyah Love33 profile image60
    Aaliyah Love33posted 2 years ago

    You let it go and move forward. If it was meant to be then you wouldn't have to heal from it. Spend time in self love and don't beat yourself up. When you are ready start dating again or stay off the dating scene its all up you. I am slowing healing from a break up with a man I thought I knew everything about, boy was I fooled. Everyone heals in their own time. Don't rush into anything if you aren't ready. Go through the healing process and don't lose yourself along the way.