What makes lighter complected women deemed to be extremely feminine, beautiful,

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    gmwilliamsposted 23 months ago

    What makes lighter complected women  deemed to be extremely feminine, beautiful, alluring, &

    even classier than darker complected women? Why do lighter complected women  seem to have greater & wider dating/relationship options & choices than darked complected women who have fewer dating/relationship options & choices?


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    peter565posted 23 months ago

    That is not true, light skin women, actually have it harder, in dating. Women who are more tan usually have an advantage. It is scientifically proven, man with light skin tone are more likely to attracted to women with dark skin tone and man with dark skin tone are more likely to attract to light skin tone, but man are more likely to attracted to those who are same skin color, in term of skin color, there are three groups, brown, yellow and red. brown is the African and people in certain parts of Middle East and Pacific islands and Australia, red is the Latino and native Americans, yellow is the whites (not including Latino) and Asian. Our traditional view of the existence of black, white and Asian race, is scientifically proven false. To be qualified as different race (scientific term is breed) require genetic mutation, but similar enough to keep on breeding and producing offspring and so on, so, two breed of dogs, their DNA isn't 100% the same, but are similar. There use to be other race of humans, but they all died out during the ice age, only our race exist, but we are capable of having multiple skin color and skin tone, amount some part of Africa, there are even those with blue or green skin, but they are very few in number. Light skin tone and dark skin tone require certain DNA opposite, and many are instictively attracted to opposite.

    People of European heritage are either light red or light yellow. (Light red is Latino) Native American are dark red. Asians are dark yellow

    However, currently, due to culture reason, most men from China, are not persuing white women, leaving only men from other South East asia nation such as Taiwan, Japan and Korea pursing white women. White men (pale yellow) on the other hand, are still pursing Asian woman (dark yellow). This also leads to why we are seen more couple of White men and Asian women, then vise verse.

    As a result, in the west, been a white woman of light skin, actually disadvantage you, women who are Asian or have tan skin, would have a greater advantage, if a white woman with light skin, truly want to be advantage in dating, they would have to move to Asia (but not China), there are even men who only date white girls, there

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    Austinstarposted 23 months ago

    Beauty is always decided by the eyes of the beholder. Skin tones are like hair color to me. I don't look at a blonde and think, "oh, she's stupid". I try to look at her as a person who just happens to have blonde hair.
    When I moved to Hawaii, I was refused service by a cashier simply because I was white - a "haoli". I could have taken that to mean she didn't find white people attractive, but it's in reality a figment of her upbringing.
    i was raised to be "white", but I never understood why skin, or hair color, or any other "racial" characteristic made a difference in our humanity, our looks, or our personality. Apparently, I was the only one in my family that felt that way, though.
    At one point during my younger years, I actually tried deliberately dating men of different races. I could never find any substantive differences between them. People just come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and physical characteristics, but they are still PEOPLE!
    So beauty is all about what you perceive it to be. And for the most part, our families, our fashion industry, and the media latch on to whatever seems to be the "flavor of the month", or whatever is popular this year.
    It takes culture and intelligence to decide what is "beautiful" or not.
    Like, most people think Leslie Jones is "ugly". But both me and my husband think she is a bag of chips and ALL that! We also think Tina Fey is beautiful. We just don't judge the people by their covers! LOL.