Have you ever been hurt by a snarky friend? How did you handle it?

  1. Marcy Goodfleisch profile image96
    Marcy Goodfleischposted 15 months ago

    Have you ever been hurt by a snarky friend? How did you handle it?

    Have you ever ended a friendship due to constant snarky or cutting remarks? What did you learn from it?

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    fpherj48posted 15 months ago

    Hello there Miss Marcy...I've missed seeing U around. I've become much less active than I was at 1 time.Too much real life going on. Have 2 make room 4 priorities.
    Hmmmm  "Friends," now that is a topic we become very clear & wise about as we gain in years & experiences.
    I will treat this w/ care & respect because I am a very blessed woman when it comes 2 good friends.I'll clarify by saying that all of my really close friends (near & dear) R long time friends.How long? LOL Most of us have stood the test of time since elementary school~! If U think I'll be mentioning the number of years this is, well, think again Marcy. It's bad enough just about everyone here knows how many. UR Question is so timely.
    There's a group of us who meet 4 coffee about once a month or at least every other month. Sometimes 10 of us clucking hens show up, other times maybe just 4 or 5. We just had a coffee clatch 3 days ago. Those of us that day were the "girls" who met in Kindergarten, believe that or not.....
    So enough of my rambling.To UR question.Throughout our lives, people come & go,right? I have always looked at it this way: If we build a friendship w/ someone 4 what we sincerely believe R the right reasons...(eg)..shared interests, favor exchanges, great, productive conversations & simply enjoy the company of 1 another, chances R we can feel it's pretty solid.
    The issue. "constant snarky or cutting remarks." This is an easy one, Marcy.~like 1-2-3-EZ. The 1st time, even though we may B taken aback & feel a bit of a sting, we fluff it off~let it slide.The 2nd. time, we perk up a little & say something...ask why such a cutting remark? or some such thing.This may result in a discussion, explanation, excuse & maybe even an apology. So there, U think it's been noted, ironed out & UR good to go. If the snark comes around a 3rd. time....no discussion is necessary.Just one hyphenated word (with a smile) "Good-bye." Sadly, that person has just given up the title of friend through their own lack.
    Granted, that's how I have handled this a time or 2 when it was called 4 & I can safely say I have never regretted it nor looked back 4 a moment. I have also never been at all surprised that years later, these same women have ZERO friends.Oh well.
    What did I learn? A treasure of lessons.Some about human nature, a few about balancing personalities & even a little more about myself.To list the lessons would require a HUB! Great question Marcy! Peace, Paula