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How Should I Move On from my breakup? I Am not able to concentrate in anything!

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    kishikishuposted 15 months ago

    How Should I Move On from my breakup? I Am not able to concentrate in anything! I want to forget him

  2. AF Mind profile image58
    AF Mindposted 15 months ago

    Find some hobbies. Put away the things they gave you (or give them back if they want them). Don't talk about them as much. Hangout with other people. Enjoy little things.

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    fpherj48posted 15 months ago

    kish....U don't divulge which one of U initiated the break-up nor a reason "why."  Was it U, him or a mutual decision? In terms of responding 2 UR question, all of this information would yield U much more helpful advice from others.
    I will however, make an attempt 2 give U some "experienced" tips 2 possibly helping U w/ UR concerns at the moment.
    "I want to forget him," U say? Realistically, not 2B smug, but U need 2 forget about "forgetting" him. You've started out asking the impossible of URself. He was a part of UR life 4 a period of time.The emotions & memories U shared R w/ U & short of a lobotomy, traces of UR time w/ him will always remain in UR mind & heart (whether pleasant or painful)
    If U haven't tried a sit-down, rational step by step process w/ URself, it's wise 2 do this. The tried & true, point blank list of the facts, as U C them, will cause U 2 put more serious thought into the situation & perhaps, less emotion. 
    It appears UR main focus is 2 heal from the pain, emptiness & regret U experience as a result of this break-up.For every fond memory, remind URself of the moments that caused U sadness & doubt.  For every wonderful aspect of this person that obviously led 2 loving him, B honest & acknowledge his faults & those times U felt unloved by him. Keep that list close by 2 remind URself 2 deal w/ truths rather than fantasy. & then go forward to improving URself....mentally, emotionally & physically.
    Give URself some "time."  If this is recent, know that each day that passes, (believe it or not) will B better & brighter.  If it helps 2 talk about him, then do it, whether U confide in someone or write URself a letter, purge all UR current thoughts of him.  If just the sound of his name feels like a knife through your heart, the instant he enters UR mind, distract URself w/ sights, sounds, activities or people 2 block him from UR thoughts. It DOES work w/ a little practice. 
    Do nice things 4 URself.  Enjoy everyday life & indulge in pampering YOU.  Try 2 keep activities & conversations light & happy & don't further burden URself w/ other issues that cause stress. In other words, take care of UR body, mind & heart especially well right now while U R feeling "weakened."   
    Keep busy w/o tiring URself out, eat well & definitely exercise,( walk in the fresh air) .Being tired, hungry or immobile always magnifies any negative frame of mind. Do all of this w/ intention each day until U can literally "feel" better & happier. U'll be FINE.

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    Martine Andersenposted 15 months ago

    Focus on yourself. Work out, hang out with friends and enjoy your hobbies. Delete his number and pictures of you,- they will only make you sad.
    And remember that time heals all wounds.

  5. peachpurple profile image83
    peachpurpleposted 15 months ago

    life is full of ups and downs, relationship break ups are hard to forget in just a short time.
    Try to discard everything that he gave you
    Move away and stay away from the places that both of you had been to before.
    Don't watch sad love dramas or movies
    Find someone whom you can tell your problems

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    rbugsposted 14 months ago

    Forgive him for the disappointment, anger and pain. Realize that love isn't all of those, and that is why the things that do not serve you anymore are being taken away from your life so that you could love yourself more. When you love yourself enough to be secure about your worth, that's when you can love best at its true meaning--love is patient love is kind, it does not boast, not angry nor proud. It is not self-seeking It keeps no record of wrong, it always perseveres always hopes... And when you love like that, that's when you find someone who would love you in the same way, the way you deserve to be loved. So get out there and find your joy, bring your life back! You are a wonderful person, and there's so much more to you that you have yet to find out. And you can only find out when you start moving forward.

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    manni0303posted 14 months ago

    That's natural that You are not able to forget him. It becomes too difficult to forget your love. All the good as well as bad memories will take you back. We want to stay alone at this time and loneliness kills us more by making us cry. If u want to forget that person.
    Firstly spend time with your family and close friends and do not talk about him.
    Forgive him, no need to keep any grudges.
    Indulge in some hobby.
    Do what you like to do the most like watch a movie, read a book( not a romantic novel)
    Watch comedy shows or movies.
    Take complete sleep.
    Do a lot of workout at gym, this is the best way to deal with your frustration.
    Read motivational and inspirational quotes on life.
    If you want to cry, don't stop yourself just spit it out.
    At last give yourself some time, because only time can heel the emotional scars.Give time some time.

  8. Ben716 profile image89
    Ben716posted 13 months ago

    It will take time to forget him but it doesnt mean you cannot move on. In order to move on and forget him ensure you have healed and recovered from the breakup so that your moving on will not be affected. Delete his numbers from your phone and block him, block him from accessing or you accessing his social media accounts. Ensure you forgive him if he was on the wrong. Stop stalking him. Do all it can not to be remembering the good times you shared. Tear into pieces his photos. Like I said try not to think about him. Engage yourself in things that will make you happy. If you are still bitter, angry towards him purpose not to engage these negative emotions. Deal with them. Don't hate him and dont hate yourself. Begin appreciating yourself and try fixing your eyes on the present and future. Make a decision and tell yourself your ex isn't going to dictate your life, you can do without him. Train your mind to stop dwelling on the past relationship and don't allow your heart to long for him  Stop listening to love songs and engage yourself in things you love doing.

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    saira dimasarposted 12 months ago

    We all know that when it comes of heart breaking failure its reall hard for us to let go.. But, we must learn things to let go. If she/he left u or broked yous heart just think the hurts that he caused you for you to hate him and you can say "why would i care and think of him when he dont even care bout me" more important is your worth you dont deserved him and he dont deserved your worth.