What do you think of Facebook's "Breakup Notifier"?

  1. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 12 months ago

    What do you think of Facebook's "Breakup Notifier"?

    Supposedly it works by choosing "friends" who are in a relationship or married and the minute they change their relationship status on Facebook you receive an email notification! Somehow to me that sounds a little creepy or borderline stalking/predator behavior. If you are or were single would you use a tool like this for finding dating prospects? Would you want to be the "rebound"?


  2. mike102771 profile image82
    mike102771posted 12 months ago


    Like most people the first thing to come to mind is the NSA. Why did they spend all that money to spy on their fellow Americans when all they need is a Facebook account, Twitter and Instagram?

    If this was a sitcom the story would have one friend see the list of another and finding her husband on that list. That is what this seems like. This person will wait and hope for a friend’s relationship to fail.

    Every day we are one step closer to the movie Idiocracy.