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friends and their relationships

  1. jamexican profile image60
    jamexicanposted 7 years ago

    i have a couple of friends who consitintly have questions for me and their love lifes....and it bothers me some times but it doesnt at other times. they constenly ask me how do i make it work? why or how i end up so lucky? how do i deal with certain problems, and so on. and i have no problem with giving them advise,it just when they make excuses on it...like oh but its not like this or that. or they dont even what to try and make an effort to make things work out.

    EXAMPLE1: my best friend for 8 years.she is one of those punk rock type of people. she listens to rok ,heavy metal,and punk. her wardrob consitst of blk,blue jeans and high top shoes. she always compares herself,her relationships,and everythin about her to me.she complains on how my realtinships last longer than hers ever do. and how i am so lucky to have a certain guy in my life. when she gets a boyfriend,it never seems to last longer than a week (she is 21 and has high school realtionships). and when she hangs out with a guy 1) i have to be there 2)she never talks to the guy 3)all she says is i dont know or i dont care 4) when he asks her a serious question she either laughs or rolls her eyes then answers..i give her advice bc i love her to death...but she never take them.she says its too hard or whatever..whwtever that means..

    THE WAY YOU CAN HANDLE IT: 1) you dont always have to have your friend with you on every date you go on. unless it is the first time you met a guy and you are scared out of your mind of being alone with him,make it a double date or dont,just ask him to hang out with a couple of your friends. and if you do go out with him and your friend make sure u dont ignore him and stay close with your firneds.talk to him,look at him,hang with him. 2)always start up a conversation with the guy.dont really leave a second of a pause...when u start a topic and you think its over,slowly get into a new one. DONT go ummmm and yeah and sooo. it makes they guy seem that you are unomfortable.and you never want that. and when the date is over ask for him number.tell him you liked talkin to him...that way before you guys go on your next date youll know a lil more about eachother(if you talk to them) 3)never say i dont know..make it seem like your mind is blank as a freash piece of printing paper. you want him to know your smart,interesting,and full of ideas.and dont say i dont care,again it make it seem like u dont care about him,the date,or anythin.so what would be the point of him askin u again on a date? 4) and when you do talk and  a serious question comes up dont laugh.that could be the worst thing you could do...it seems like your either not takin them serious,you dont know what they r talkin about or your never a serious person...if your nevervous,ask them how they feel about the situation. try and see their point of view. dont roll your eyes..looks like your annoyed with them question and maily them...then they think oh this perosn isnt interested in me,and it cant make them nervous...then u will both have a very uncofrtable date.

    AND: if you like how one of your friends is in a realtion ship dont be afraid to ask for advise.just remeber when you do,try it.dont let it go in one ear and out of the other.i mean they must be doin sumthin right,otherwise they wouldnt be n a realtionship. try and stay away from advise that come from one of those friend s that complian about this and that.then ones who are always nit picky about things.or the ones that point out their dislikes about everyone they see.maybe thats  y they r not in a realtionship,and if they r maybe its because they dont last as long.

    i have more examples that will be posted later..i have to get off now..hope this was helpful?

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    cupid51posted 7 years ago

    You have a lot of ideas about relationship. Why don't you make a hub on it?

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      jamexicanposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      can u help me do that...i was tryin to..im new..its hard to follow how to mmigrate on this things.i think im gettin a hang of it tho

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        cupid51posted 7 years agoin reply to this

        You have already made 4 hubs! I read one of that and it was nice! Keep writing, you can do it!

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    jamexicanposted 7 years ago

    i have another one..i hope u like

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    probafixposted 7 years ago

    Interesting posts.

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      jamexicanposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      thnks for stopin to veiw my hub...i have more,about dieffernt people some even n my family...hope u get a chance to go through them...enjoy smile