is dating the modern way, may be even a life stlye

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    jkl;fdsaposted 7 years ago

    when it comes to dating are there many types of dating?

    how does dating work in your life?

    why date?

    what are some dating guidelines?

    has dating really gone over board?

    what are the early signs for a non lasting relationship?

    how do we become blind of things around us?

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      simpleairlinesposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Are there specific types of partners that you attract or are attracted
      to? if you are trying to relate to someone who hits you, cheats on you, ignores you until they want sex, or otherwise uses you in any way, then you are not in a relationship with that person.  Now... when it comes to relationships i don't see why there should be more then one type.

      Dating is like a get together and at times it doesn't feel like one.  If it's someone you hardly know it is harder to say it is one. For me dating is a form of get together. Learn how the other person acts and what interest you both have in common. If the other person doesn't like to talk about any then clearly that is a waste of time.

      Dating in my life doesn't work as i plan it too. Too many girls want to party, it isn't a serious thing these days.....i don't think. There are those who are serious and well....the rest that are just plain stupid.

      why date? that's a good question. I'd like to ask you that question actually. Without dating then there is no relationship to consider. Plus life based on sex all the time isn't much fun. It's always nice to get to know other people from the opposite sex or...the same.

      people seek mutual personal and spiritual growth as
      the basis for any relationship. His ideas of Spirit inspire
      people too look within their core being to experience something
      they can understand and feel completely. This acceptance of
      Spirit negates the need for outside relationship advice when
      people can answer the crucial questions with knowledge from

      When a relationship changes form or course, people have it within
      their Spirit to redirect their energies from sensitivity and
      vulnerability to spiritual strength. This strength gives people
      the ability to become their own relationship advisors because
      they have gained the insight necessary to overcome false doubts.

      Has dating gone overboard? i think so. Taking it as they have tv shows based on dating you can clearly see people don't care and plus relationships don't last. It's more to be popular. I think the more you get older the more you take dating seriously.

      Non lasting relationships could easily be decided. It doesn't take a genius to know when to exit a relationship. For some reason even in a bad relationship people still seem to be with each other. To me it doesn't make much sense at all. The man is not to blame when the relationship goes bad, if the women knows it and still wants him there is a serious problem there. Over abuse, ordering around and still the women loves the man. In some cases it isn't true but the more i look at it, women love to be tortured and to me i don't find this right.

      Blind? I'm not blind, i know what i want and seek it. I don't waste much time on easy set ups or hook ups. It's just too bad how people these days aren't so serious about a relationship and i mean getting married and having children type of thing. I know more women then men that don't want to get married all because they don't want to be asked to do things.....come on that's not a relationship if you think this way.

      Well hope this helped.
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