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2019, the Year of New Beginnings?!? (7/20/2017, Message#88)

Updated on August 9, 2018

The Year of "New Beginnings!?!"

Again, If Humanity is Allowed to Press Onward!!
Again, If Humanity is Allowed to Press Onward!! | Source

As if 2017 and 2018 Where Not Enough, There’s More…?

When the Lord Jesus informed me, that there would be a Three Year Window in September of 2016; I looked at Him as if He was crazy. You know that face most people make when they hear something that shouldn’t make sense, especially with all of the Current “World” being shared at any particular moment. Well this was my face, when the Lord Jesus told me this in 2016. Now having spent more time with Him and remaining in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, the Lord God had allowed me to finally share this news! Even with this news I am sharing, No Matter What, Keep Watch and Keep Watching. Also as mentioned within 2018, the Year of Blessing, there is nothing Guaranteed on this side of Eternity.

If this is the case, why bring up 2018 and 2019? I must be obedient to what Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) allows me to share, even if it doesn’t make sense to the World. There are specific People the Lord is trying to reach through me and His assignments He gives me (and others). Why or How So? So Father God can reach more Souls and they too can experience His Love, Blessings and New Beginnings!! Whether You Know It or Not, This is Elohim’s Story (His-story) and All Things Are For The Glory of Elohim, Father God, just as the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) also states.

Now have you ever done something you wished you hadn’t and then needed an immediate way out of a situation? The way out would be a “New Beginning,” an opportunity you didn’t know existed or an option you didn’t know you even had. This is what is coming for the Blood Bought Believers (BBB’s) in 2019, plus the continuation of 2018, the Year of Blessing in addition as well! Always remember the Future is Bright, because the Lord God of Heaven is Already There!!!

Praise and Worship King Jesus!!

The New Beginnings From the Lord God of All Things!!!

Still Trust in Him!!

Nothing Escapes His View and He is Still the Lord God of All!!
Nothing Escapes His View and He is Still the Lord God of All!! | Source

Again Nothing is Guaranteed, the Lord God is Watching Everything!!!

Nothing is Guaranteed until you enter into Eternity, there is truly no Guarantee Humanity will make out of 2017, much less see 2018 or 2019. Even at this point and even though the Lord God told me there is a three year window back in September of 2016, there is still no Guarantee this will happen. As the Bible talks about many times and we have seen in Humanity’s Modern time, the Lord God the Father can indeed still change His Mind!!! Sure I am sharing these messages out of obedience but this still doesn’t mean this is Guaranteed. You are still going to have to Pray and Seek the Lord Jesus for yourselves, and He will tell you if you truly want to know!! This is also why the Bible says many times to “Keep Watch” and even so in the Old Testament, We Are To Watch!

As the “Time” and the Calendar is allowed to progress further in The Age of Grace, the Body of Christ must continue to put its Trust in the Lord God and not in man or anyone who shares what the Lord tells them. All things must be brought before the Lord Jesus in Prayer, No Matter What, Keep Watch and Keep Watching! As much as I would love to experience the “Year of Blessing (2018) and 2019, I would much rather share with everyone: “Let’s Make Heaven “Our” (Humanity’s) Eternal Home!” However, I am clearly not in Control and I must always remain obedient to the Will of Father God and Seek Him in All Things! Whether Humanity see’s 2019 or not, the Future is Bright, Because the Lord God of Heaven is Already There!!!

The "Future" of Humanity is Determined By the Bride of Jesus Christ?!? Who Knew!! :D

The Truth is Already Within You!

Is Your Faith Truly in Christ Jesus?
Is Your Faith Truly in Christ Jesus? | Source

For Those Who Know the Lord Jesus Christ, 2019 Would Be a Very Supernatural Year!!

Oh yes indeed, 2019 will be a Year unlike any other for the Body of Christ! There will be many who will finally experience several new First in their Lives! Many will Get Married for the First time and it will be to the person they were Meant or Made to be With! Many will buy their First Homes; some will have their Homes Built and their little J-O-B ‘s will be the means for Miracles to take place, both in 2018 and in 2019!!! Many within the Body of Christ who couldn’t have Children will have Children for the First Time and the Holy Spirit will be upon this New Babies, and their Parents! In fact 2019 will likely be a Year of a “Baby Boom,” because of 2018, the Year of Blessing.

More than likely, 2019 will be a “Double Portion” from 2018. Especially for those who are already in the Body of Christ before 2018 and remained as such into 2019! There is a bunch of things which take place in 2019, many will finally be able to travel and explore this Planet, Even Greater Financial Stability! Not to mention more of the Spirit of Father God being poured out than ever Before!! If you don’t believe in Christ Jesus now in 2017 and even so in 2018, more than likely many more will in 2019!

This was the third message I received and after I received this message, I had no more room to have anymore “Downloads.” Those who know, they understand. Which is also why I am sharing this as quickly as possible, there may be more which comes to mind after this is written.

Either Here or In Heaven, You Will Be Rewarded!!!

Face the Facts, Christ is Your "Only" Way!!

The Lord Jesus Is Always The Way, the Truth and the Life!!
The Lord Jesus Is Always The Way, the Truth and the Life!! | Source

Nothing is Promised, Not Even the Future!!

The Age of Grace could still come to an abrupt end; despite the fact it has been extended. I don’t know for who long this extension will last, the Lord Jesus only informed me of Three Years as of September of 2016. However, having received more pieces of the puzzle to the “Day or Hour” Timeframe, there could be a Bigger Window for the extension of The Age of Grace. Again, I don’t know and the Lord God hasn’t confirmed nor has He denied the possibility of more “Time.” Father God is just saying, No Matter What, Keep Watch and Keep Watching! Even if I was to somehow figure out the “Day or Hour” Timeframe, I still would not be able to share this until He said I could. For Who’s Glory Is It? Certainly not mine; I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I am not meant to be praised, worshipped, exalted or raised higher than another Human Being. All of this belongs to the Lord God El Shaddai (God Almighty), He Is Worthy to be Praised, Worshipped, Exalted and Raised Above All Things!!!

Whether The Age of Grace ends tomorrow or sometime in the distant Future, nothing is Promised or Guaranteed except the what the Bible and what the Lord Jesus Promises in His Words! What does This Mean? The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period are still going to transpire, one way or another. There is no refuting this Biblical Fact, the Books of Matthew, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Revelations, Isaiah and First Thessalonians will all take place at some point within Humanity’s History. Of that Day or Hour, only the Father in Heaven knows for now. If by No Matter What, Keep Watch and Keep Watching, the Lord God the Father might reveal this information. However, only to those who are Children of the Day or Light; are Watching and Waiting for the Lord Jesus Appearance in the Clouds!!!

The Simple Truth is Finally Revealed!

This Is Why the Lord God Blesses His Children!!
This Is Why the Lord God Blesses His Children!! | Source

Now, Why Would the Lord God Bless His Children?

Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), Adonai (Lord), El Shaddai (God Almighty) had blessed Humanity, His Prized Creation with so much already! Simply because of His Goodness, Love, Grace, Peace and Mercy, the Lord God is still continuing to Bless His Creation!!! 2018, the Year of Blessing is because He wants to and Loves “Us,” Humanity so much. Especially those who have decided to Love Him back, by accepting and acknowledging the Lord Jesus Christ, as Our Lord and Savior!! One way or another, All of Humanity will “Know” the Lord God of Heaven is Real and He is the One Who Created Everything we know and understand. Why not showcase His Power through His Love for His Prized Creation First? Why “Only” showcase His Power during the Great Tribulation?

For it is through His Love for Humanity, as to why The Age of Grace has been extended and has given more time for more people within Humanity to Prepare Their Hearts for Eternity. If by providing Humanity with more time, by electing President Trump into the Whitehouse, the Lord God of Heaven is giving people more time for electing one of His Own into Office. There are rewards for doing and being a part of His Will, I hope by now you are beginning to take notice. Obedience to the Will of Father God, bestows rewards unto His Children, the Blood Bought Believers (BBB’s) or the Follower of Christ Jesus!

This is why Father God is Going to Bless His Children, so the World will come to know His Love and the Power of His Love for “Us,” His Creation!! If by Blessing the BBB’s causes more of His Creation to finally acknowledge the Saving Grace of the Lord Jesus, why not showcase His Love for Humanity? Even the Bible mentions and I have heard people say: “I want what he or she has…” This is exactly why 2018 and 2019 are so important!

Be In Unity With Christ Jesus!!

Even Still, This Is Still Not Dark Enough!!!

What You Get When There's No More Light!?!
What You Get When There's No More Light!?! | Source

When the “Light” of This World Goes Out, It Truly Will Be Dark?

Once The Age of Grace finally comes to an end, the “Light” of this “World” will be gone forever. Especially as the number of Blood Bought Believers continue to increase. There are people coming to know Christ Jesus like never before and every single one of these New BBB’s will also experience the Blessing of 2018 and the New Beginnings of 2019!! This will also draw in more people to become Blood Bought Believers in Christ Jesus as well, which is exactly why The Age of Grace is being extended in the first place!

On that day when the Lord Jesus finally come to call His Followers out of this world, which will still take place at The Pre-Tribulation Rapture by the way. When the Lifting of The Veil of Protection is complete and The Age of Grace finally ends. The Calm Before the Storm will most definitely be over, which exactly what The Age of Grace actually is!!! The Truth is the Jesus Christ is already showcasing His Love for Humanity by extending The Age of Grace. Sadly many will not even accept or acknowledge this simple fact, they will just say “He wasn’t Coming Anyway!”

When the Light of this world leaves at The Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture, many will end up eating and regretting those words. For now, they have been given more Grace form the Lord God of Heaven…, For Now.

The Lord God is of Love and Light!!

Christ Jesus is The Way to the Light of the Lord God!!!
Christ Jesus is The Way to the Light of the Lord God!!! | Source

No One Within Humanity Has to Be in the Dark, The Lord Jesus is the Light and the Way!!

When so many within Humanity are little Children, we are afraid of the Dark and some actually never get past this feeling as adults. If this is so difficult to deal with in The Age of Grace, just imagine what this same feeling will be like during The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period?!? A timeframe where Grace, Love, Peace and Mercy can no longer be found? A World of Hate, Evil, Vile Villainy?!? There is a way to escape all of this and it is not very hard to do, all you need is “Faith” the size of a Mustard seed!!

All you have to do is as simple as A-B-C. A: Acknowledge you are a Sinner, born into sin because of the fall of Adam. B: Believe in your Heart that the Lord God of Heaven Raised Jesus Christ from the dead. C: Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and you will be Saved!

If You want to grow closer to the Lord Jesus or you have like I did, backslid and want to Come Back to Your First Love. The time is now to invite the Holy Spirit back into your life and be Made "Whole"!! Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. The Lord Jesus went through literal Hell for me and I am truly sorry; now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ died for my sins and Loves Me so Much, was Resurrected from the dead, is alive and hears my prayers. I invite the Lord Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. I Never Knew I needed You so Much, and I meant so much to You Lord Jesus. Lord God I ask you to Please send, and fill me with your Holy Spirit; to help me obey You Lord Jesus and to do Your Will Lord, for the rest of my life. Become My “Center” and make me Whole again, in Jesus Holy Name I pray, Amen.

The Only Guarantee the Body of Christ Truly Has!!! This Day Will Still Come!

Always Remember, God in the Flesh Did This Just For You!!!

He Loves You So Much, God Died a Human Death For You!!!
He Loves You So Much, God Died a Human Death For You!!! | Source

Do You Need a New Beginning and to Know the Lord Jesus Is Real?

When “Life” has you cornered and boxed in…, Who Are You Going to Call? There is “Only One” who has the “Power” to Fix it All!!! Remember, the “Ghostbusters” is just a movie and they don’t have the power necessary to change anyone’s life. The “Only One” who can Fix or Mend your Life and Broken Heart is the Lord Jesus Christ, for He is the “Only Way” to get to Father God, the Creator of All Things!!! By the Provisions of the Lord Jesus Christ or Supernatural Interventions within many people’s lives, many will come to know the Lord Jesus through His Power and Love.

Many will experience a New Beginning, even if they were not looking for it and something unexpected just happened, however it was just what they needed and right on-time! Like the Bible says: “Father God may never be in a hurry, but He is Always Right On Time.” This is how the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty) works and many, many more people are about to find out for themselves!! They will come to know the Lord Jesus is God and He is indeed Very Real! All Glory, Praise and Honor onto Christ Jesus, Humanity’s Lord and Savior, Glory Hallelujah!!!

This is as far as the Lord God of Heaven allowed me to see, as of right now. I don’t know if 2020 or beyond might happen and I only know of 2018 and 2019, even this is still not a Guaranteed. So No Matter What, Keep Watch and Keep Watching!

Can You Trust In Something Higher?

Now Be Honest, Do You Need a "New Beginning?"

See results

The Names of the Past, Present and Future Years!?!

Only "Time" Will Tell!!
Only "Time" Will Tell!! | Source

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