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Endtime Young Apostles Versus the Tireless Fathers

Updated on February 5, 2014

Davids’ Vs Eliabs’ & Sauls’

The matter God is raising this season about the end-time move is the relationship of Davids’ with Eliabs’ and Sauls’. Heb10:1 “The law is only an unclear picture of the good things coming in the future”. It is all written in ISam17.

Goliath of Earth


It is no more a news that in christianedom today and in the body of Christ as a whole, we are set for the greatest battle of our time. The battle between good and evil, between truth and lies, between light and darkness. As many horrors have now been released from the pit of hell. If we say the church is winning in this battle, then we will be economical with the truth. For many ways and means of compromise and disobedience to God has been successfully imbibed into the church. The church is now in the world and the world now in the church; even some of the churches that we felt are the hope have gone to the extreme, monopolizing church members, building walls of doctrines and eventually raise up for themselves bunch of hypocrites as believers.

We realize our state of helplessness, we could hear clearly the battle songs and drums coming from legions of enemy in front of us but we could go no further. Why? Goliath of Earth! The giant evil is released and not even the major general Saul could challenge him to a fight. As a result, the battle is on a standstill, there is no progress, we could approach no further but the enemy is gaining ground. The best our fathers and the highly trained warriors could do was to continue to fearfully raise the banner and be the chief on the battle front without really doing anything. Major general Saul, captain Eliab, Col. Abinadab and Lt Shammah were on the battle front , of course since they were really less busy, some of them would have taken their time to do other better things that has no relationship with the battle in front of them.

Is this not true about the body of Christ today? Some of the great forces of christiandom are already giving up to the Goliath of sexual immoralities, homosexuality, same sex marriage, incest, beastiality etc. It is no more a news that the person called the pope of the catholic church has recently concluded that Christ Jesus is not the only way to heaven that it is a matter of individual conscience. The man now has to himself many atheist, gay and lesbian fans. What about the world known evangelist Billy Grahms who has spent most of his life preaching the gospel and the influencial preacher Joel Osteen now comes to the conclusion that God cannot just punish or destroy those who do not accept him, that the yardstick for salvation and judgement is left for Jesus to decide, and i wonder where they got that concept on the pages of the scripture you and i read! When you look at different countries as well as Nigeria, you see a lot of denomination that has sprang up with the sole purpose of doing something other than Christ commission. They are already confused and giving up. If they giveup, the implication is this, we may eventually be a slave to the enemy!

Belove, is this not a picture of the battlefront in the days of David? The greatmen, our fathers are tirelessly toiling on the battle front waiting for something, anything that can just help. This indeed is a critical period when Davids’ must show up!

David’s Final Preparation


The Davids’ we are talking about are not ambitious, they are not driven by any selfish motive to become something or accomplish something. As such they are not eager to start something and not in a hurry to set out. They are encumbered with their trainings and sensitive to spiritual timing. There is a final or landmark lesson that Davids’ must learn before setting out to combat the Goliath of earth. The lord can wait for as long as David spends learaning this lesson. The period for the enemy to continue to brag on the battle front depends on the period spent by David in learning his landmark lesson. For Moses, it was an extra 30yrs as oppose to the original 400yrs appointed for the freedom of the children of Israel. For David, it was 40days, for some it may be another generation of Davids’, for others it may be 40yrs, 40weeks, 40days, 40hrs, 40mins, 40secs. Obviously, as the situation is now, time is not on our side. Davids must learn and learn fast!

Emergence of Davids’


The first level of emergence of Davids’ is a supposed seeming insignificant role. It was an assistance duty just to go minister to the physical need of his brethren and the fathers on the battle front. His visit to the battle front was not an ambitious one.

His second emergence was seeing Goliath and paying attention to his words. The defiling words from the mouth of Goliath naturally provokes a spiritual anger within Davids’. They don’t struggle to be in the mood of war, all they needed was to hear Goliath brag and then they are ready to fight!

David Vs Eliabs & Sauls

It should be noted that rubbishing the works of the fathers is not part of the mandate of David neither is he saddled with the responsibility of belittleing or overthrowing the works of the fathers. Simply, David is the answer the fathers have been waiting for, he is the solution to the puzzle the fathers have not been able to get.

Though Davids’ will definitely face oppositions from Eliabs and Sauls. They may not want to give him chance or permit him becos he was not a disciple of Saul and perhaps David was not trained in the army school or school of theology of Saul. But the issue is, David carries an anointing that the fathers cannot overlook or push aside. They definitely must give him a platform. All what David needed was a platform just for once and Goliath is gone. The fathers already have the platform. They have already been on the battle front. David cannot because the fathers are not doing anything decide to go and gather his own warriors and go and pitch his own tenth and battle flag on another side in war against the Philistines. That would have been the highest level of confusion and foolishness.

I have heard of some over ambitious though Davids in training who have taken up by themselves the responsibility of throwing down the works of the fathers. This is nothing but the emergence of a major error and this is nothing but a deception from the pit of hell.

To be continued...


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