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Lord, Why Me? My Answer With Experience !

Updated on January 16, 2017
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Lord! Show Me Why!!!

You and I, like David and some others have asked this question all through the time. Lord, WHY ME? I have thought of many reasons. Just think of Job is what some Biblical followers will say. Then I asked, WHY JOB? Why did Satan bid against God's follower and worshiper, Job to make Job lose everything? Why did God let Noah work 120 years or so to build an ark? Why was Joseph tormented and put into the pit and then sold? Why was Jesus tortured, thrown in jail and then crucified?


Again, I ask, LORD, WHY ME?

Some time ago, God was in a dream that I had. He said that my job is to feed the hungry at the appointed time. I am STUBBORN, to the max, so I asked God in the dream, Lord, WHY ME? He said that if I am feeding the hungry when Jesus returns, I would be blessed. I asked God again, being really STUBBORN AND STUPID this time, "WHY ME, LORD?" God said "DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND" - "THE PEOPLE WON'T BE ABLE TO BUY OR SELL?" GOD said again, "IF YOU ARE DOING THIS WHEN JESUS RETURNS YOU WILL BE BLESSED!!" So, According to this dream, this buy-sell thing would happen in my lifetime and that people would have trouble getting food, BUT AT THE APPOINTED TIME.

This has been years ago and I still remember the dream like it was the highlight of my life and the dream has been burnt into my brain forever. This dream or vision has been a vocal point in what I see, do and think about. So, I ask again, Why me Lord?

This is what I get out of this.

Ø God is trying to teach me something that I need to know for the future.

Ø God knows that learning must be tough to be remembered down deep.

Ø God is trying to instill survival instincts into me.

Ø God is trying to sharpen the sword within me.

Ø God is betting on me staying good for HIS purpose.

Ø God is trying to show or point to something important to me.

Ø God has a plan for my life to serve HIM at the appointed time.

Ø God loves me and trying to correct my path.

Ø God knows the future and HE needs someone to help HIS flock.

Ø God knows that I am oh so stubborn and I need the extra help.

Ø And the top answer that I can come up with Is that GOD has a plan for our lives.

(I would like to be positive about this!)

So now, even now I ask the same thing, Why ME, LORD. I try to wait and see just a little longer, then a little longer. I have found out long time ago, that it is not in my timing, but it sure is in GOD's timing.

I am stubborn, oh, so stubborn! I just can not lean and follow certain rules that God wants for my life. My life is like a square block trying to fit in a world with all round holes. I just do not fit! God is trying to round my corners and trying to make a use of me, but I resist! Basic training from God is continual and with me, not so gentle.

Maybe God and I are trying to learn and communicate with each other and are having trouble. The following are some reasons that just might be possible reasons for "Why, Lord, WHY ME?"

Preparation? Survival? Molding? Training? Rounding? Helping others? Serving? Teaching? Being neighbors? Love? Submission? Wisdom? Punishment? Future? Proud? Instruction? Following? Ready the Fight? Welfare? Let ME in? Let it be me! What is me? Help me Lord! The Question?



OK? Why Me Lord? Why Me? WHY?


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Answers or Questions


Does God Try to Get Our Attention?

Many people have wondered why bad things happen to good people and why good things happen to bad people. People have wondered why God let Satan mess with Job's life and totally devastate his finances, family and holdings. Many people think that God used Job's life as an example of obedience and faithfulness, but the question still would be why do bad things happen to good people?

Some of us are really stubborn so it takes a lot to get our attention. God might have to use a different approach to get our attention and get us to listen to what He has to say. Maybe as a child, we need some special attention for direction or for guidance.

All through the Bible, the general statement is, "Remember what God has done, so Obey." In this world, it is very hard to obey rules, regulations and perimeraters. The laws that God and man has written have been bent and voided, so is God trying to get the attention of His children to guide and direct them or is it just bad luck on the person's behalf?

Do you believe in God or a Higher Being?

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Do you believe that there are Outside influences are controlling our lives?

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Do you believe that there will be an economic collapse in your life time?

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Do you believe that you are being picked on or chosen by God?

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Do you believe that God or a Higher Intelligence is communicating with you?

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Food Shortages

There are and will be food shortages coming to your neighborhood. The world has over 7 billion people and the signs of over use of the oceans, farmland and the environment is becoming evident. The rivers, lakes and streams are becoming more and more polluted, the skies are increasingly more toxic, the groundwater has carcengenic compounds and the earth is showing signs of stress.

Genetically modified foods are becoming a present day fact and the genetic makeup of these plants are becoming unstable on future generational sprouting of seeds. The fish of the oceans are becoming less populated and over fished.

There are concerns of the massive fish, bird and mammal die-offs and still there has not been a firm answer to the deaths. These animals are in the food chain and any species that are key species may promote other species to overpopulate or to kill off another type of species.

Droughts and weather related events are becoming commonplace to the countries of the world, including the United States. The weather wars of countries are fighting for the control of the weather streams, the water and the warmer climates. For each event or change, there has to another change somewhere else in the world. This earth has a steady-state reaction, where one gradient tries to compensate another gradient that is unequal to that one.

With these few events mentioned, these will be enough to send the food prices soaring and will prevent the harvest of enough food to feed the hungry of the world. The ones with the most money will pay the highest for the supply of food.

Storage and Stocking


Food Shortages

Hyperinflation Coming !!!!


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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 6 years ago

      In today's world, it is hard to stay on the tracks. The playing field is not always fair and the battle is from all sides. I do believe that God tempers the sword for the future battles, but I sure hope it does not get any worse than it is now. God help us all if it does!! Thank you for your comment.

    • profile image

      Bubbles 6 years ago

      The important issue here is keeping God in the forefront of your existence. When God is first and fore most in ones life, God will use you unexpectedly in ways you may not have thought about. Keep the faith and hang in there. We all question God.... but few will admit it. Study to show yourself approved. God loves a man who questions..... it means you are thinking and seeking...