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Nibiru Planet X, August 18, 2013 Is The Catalyst For Ascension

Updated on October 7, 2014

Law of One

Learn to trust the Law of One or Divine Source of all consciousness as it will inevitably lead to the truth.
Learn to trust the Law of One or Divine Source of all consciousness as it will inevitably lead to the truth. | Source

The Earth Gardeners

Dimensional Beings and the Law of One

End of Our Perception of Time

The Mayans prediction of the end of our evolutionary cycle and the beginning of a new one has been purposely misinterpreted to spread fear.
The Mayans prediction of the end of our evolutionary cycle and the beginning of a new one has been purposely misinterpreted to spread fear. | Source

Fear is the Mind Killer

I have written many articles detailing the Polar Shift of Earth due to the presence of Nibiru Planet X in our solar system however what I wish to make clear in this article Nibiru Planet X, August 18, 2013 Is The Catalyst For Ascension is that this unparalleled event in recent human history is merely happening now at this time to help propel mankind into the next Evolutionary Dimension.

Frank Herbert wrote in his famous book Dune, Fear is the Mind Killer!

This event in our physical world will be a catalyst designed to help humanity make a spiritual choice. All the physical obstacles that we instinctively fear are designed to allow humanity to make a spiritual choice through free will. Our spiritual experience on this planet has lead us to this moment to give us the opportunity to make a choice.

Accepting the reality of this event will lead many to decide their spiritual orientation In Service To Self or In Service to Others. Knowing this moment in human history may well decide the fate of mankind and essentially strip The Powers That Be of their enslavement of the planet, they have chosen to keep the public in the dark and play on their inherent fear of the unknown.

By keeping the Polar Shift a secret from mankind The Powers That Be have created a mystery in which the public's imagination runs wild trying to solve. This creates a state of fear, which is precisely what those in power wish to convey. Because they understand the human psyche so well they recognize that in a world of ignorance mankind will inevitably fear what they do not understand.

Often times those in power will 'leak' a rumor to begin a theory of conspiracy, this then allows them to control the information the public becomes aware of, knowing full well that any missing information will be supplied by the public's imagination. Through the mainstream media this is exactly how most conspiracy theories begin, they will then release bits of information that will guide/lead the public down the road of disinformation, lies and deceit.

They do this because they know from years of experience that the best way to control the masses is through fear. This has been done with every major religion, the education process, through disease and health care, by creating enemies of the state where none existed before, through science and theory and most importantly through the origins of mankind.

The introduction of drugs (alcohol is a drug) into our society was no accident, even prohibition was planned as way to create want and need, it was never intended to last, just make alcohol more desirable. Drugs confuse the body and mind and keep the spirit from growing because when drugs are introduced to our bodies, the spirit leaves the body. When this happens the consciousness can no longer tap into the one consciousness or source field (God) and we are left to operate on automatic pilot, so to speak.

To help spread fear and confusion marijuana is now 'allowed' to become legal in many states and countries. To understand why this is happening now read my article Did the Illegal Criminalization of Marijuana Lead to the Downfall of America.

Enlightenment can occur during drug experiences but they do not remain in our consciousness because our true selves (spirit) has not been there to absorb the experience.

However I digress, the Mayans kept their intricate calendar system so that they could predict planetary alignments that were crucial to their religious ceremonies. Their system, which incidentally was not their own and was borrowed from and even more ancient human culture, allowed them to recognize eclipses and celestial events so that they would know when the precession of the equinoxes was nearing completion. They knew from past experience and knowledge that the precession was a marker of the end of a cycle of human evolution and the beginning of a new age of mankind.

What has been interpreted as the 'End of Time', was really true as it pertained not to the end of the world but the end of how mankind would perceive time. In the higher dimensions that mankind will soon ascend too beings do not perceive 'time' as we do in the third dimension, as linear. Hence their prediction of the End of Time is essentially true but because this has never been fully explained by those that we rely on to interpret the information of our past (scientist and archeologists) it created the illusion that the World would End, thus 'allowing' the public through fear to fill in the missing information.

The Polar Shift is no different, it is a fact that the North Pole has moved over a 160 miles closer to Siberia in the last ten years, no scientist denies this. What they deny through intimidation and fear is the true reasons for it. They have been coerced through a National Security Oath, not just in the United States but every country on this planet, to keep this information from the public. Many have tried revealing the truth on a wide variety of subjects from landing on the Moon to UFOs to the Polar Shift and the His Story of Mankind and many of them have died soon afterwards from disease, accidents and flat out murder.

Dead Men Tell No tales

What is difficult for most humans to accept is the betrayal our chosen leaders, statesmen and religious leaders have perpetrated on mankind throughout our perception of history. The term Cognitive Dissonance creates the paradigm in which the public has been in a permanent state of denial throughout their lives. Billions of reasonable informed people (what I consider sheeple) are all too willing to believe the propaganda spoon fed them because to question this information would lead to a shattering of their belief system, confusion and fear.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Where Is Nibiru?

I am often asked, 'If Nibiru is really here as you claim, why can we not see it with our own eyes?' What I would like to explain and make clear is that we see it everyday but simply do not recognize it. It presently is sitting right in front of our Sun, eclipsing it, if you will.

Throughout my lifetime when looking in the direction of the Sun it has always appeared as yellow in color, in pictures, in videos and in movies our Sun has always had a yellow glow to it. Now however when one looks in the direction of the Sun it seems to have a very bright white glare to it, with perhaps a yellow outline or glow around the edges. This is because Nibiru Planet X is eclipsing our Sun so that we no longer see it as a yellow orb but we see the glare from Nibiru Planet X where our Sun should be as a white light.

This is the main reason that chemical trails have been sprayed across our atmosphere to obscure a clear look of Nibiru Planet X as it moved into position in front of our Sun. In 2011 many hundreds of pictures were taken of a second sun and posted on sites such as YouTube, these can still be seen. What I would emphasize is that many of these pictures and videos get deleted as soon as they are posted and some of the better videos no longer exist for the public to look at.

However by using a filter on a camera or with the naked eye one can clearly see that our Sun is no longer yellow but a bright white glare, this is one of the many clues that the mainstream media and scientist simply do not discuss with the public. Nibiru Planet X for all extensive purposes is hidden in plain sight, right in front of a star we have all taken for granted. Because the white glare, that is now how our Sun appears, happened over a period of many days, weeks and months, it was not immediately recognizable and easily accepted.

Now that you're armed with the truth, it will be easy for you to look at our Sun and questioned when it was that it turned from a Yellow Sun to a White Sun. However as the Earth Wobble continues to increase and becomes distorted through the magnetic influence of Nibiru Planet X and as it moves out of our Solar System on its long 3,657 journey it will be seen without the need for a filter in many parts of the world.

White Sun

Notice in this photo the glare of our Sun is white and yet the edges are yellow with planetary objects surrounding it, this is the Nibiru Planet X complex of seven planets.
Notice in this photo the glare of our Sun is white and yet the edges are yellow with planetary objects surrounding it, this is the Nibiru Planet X complex of seven planets. | Source

Survival Fear

Once mankind begins to accept the inevitable Polar Shift as true their first instinct is to preparation and survival. Again this is part of the fear paradigm that those in power wish the public to embrace, it is also a way to stimulate the economy. 'Preppers' as they are known are now spending billions on ways to survive, from survival kits to underground bunkers.

However what I want to make clear is that essentially this is completely unnecessary, as the Polar Shift was designed to allow humanity to make a spiritual choice. Mother Earth has already moved into a new galactic alignment preparing itself to wipe the slate clean and begin its next evolutionary cycle in the fifth dimension. Those beings that exist on and in this planet will be ascending with her. I do not believe all will be joining her and this maybe determined by spiritual orientation however I do believe all will ascend.

My belief is that separation of spiritual beings will happen after the ascension/harvest process, certainly some humans may not survive some of the geological processes of the ongoing Polar Shift but I believe their souls will still ascend and be harvested. The main point I wish to make clear is that preparing to survive the Polar Shift will only encourage fear and confusion and essentially promotes a desire to remain in third density.

The whole purpose of ascension is to help humanity gain the knowledge of the Law of One, that we are all part of one ultimate consciousness, The Creator of All or Prime Creator. The Polar Shift is part of our awakening but is by no means the end of humanity simple a catalyst designed to awaken humanity.

From my own research I have learned that over 1.6 billion people on this planet have already awakened to this concept of the Law of One, which can be found in many books on the subject from the Ra Material, Seth Speaks, Keepers of the Garden and We, The Arcturians to name a few.

This Law of One, which in no way denies the existence of God but actually confirms it, is what The Powers That Be truly fear as it conflicts with the paradigm of individuality that those in power have fostered for thousands of years. The old adage of Divide and Conquer comes from the concept of promoting individual personalities as the way to enlightenment however many minds working together has proven its effectiveness throughout our history.

Fear also promotes an individualistic nature in humanity while preventing people from sharing information and helping others. The fear of making mistakes, learning to trust your heart and opening the mind to new concept and ideas has prevented more people from learning the truth and growing spiritually than any other reasons in our history.

The fear of dying has been purposely instilled in humanity as a way of controlling the masses for thousands of years. One of, if not the most important lesson, I believe, Jesus came to Earth to teach is that our souls are immortal and exist forever, this why the crucifixion was allowed to take place to show his resurrection and prove to mankind that his soul is everlasting.

The Powers That Be wish to promote this fear of being unable to survive the Polar Shift by keeping the public in the dark of the existence of Nibiru Planet X and the effect it is having on our planet. However I submit to you that this is only a natural part of the ascension/harvest process and is not something we need to fear but to accept. God puts no obstacle in our path to enlightenment that we are unable to handle and the Polar Shift is no exception.

Where Is Nibiru?

6.8 Earthquake Rocks New Zealand

The Elite Fear the Polar Shift

The Elite fear the Polar Shift for a variety of reasons, least of which is survival because they feel safe having foreknowledge of this event which has provided many of them with avenues of escape from underground bunkers to safe havens in lands that will not be effected, such as Africa.

However the main reason they fear the Polar Shift is that it will awaken the masses to the truth of their existence and allow us to throw off the yoke of spiritual and economic enslavement.

They also fear that humanity will learn of the deceit that has been perpetrated on them for thousands of years as to their true origins, the nature of diseases, the UFO phenomenon and myriad of technological advancements not shared with the public that could have lead to a much easier existence, such as the cost of energy or the distribution of wealth, food and medicine.

Because as humanity as a whole awakens from their 2,000 year spiritual slumber they will begin to question everything they have ever been taught as the truth and will instinctively know the truth without seeking guidance from religious, political and scientific leaders.

This is the fear that drives them to keep this information a secret from the public and prevent mankind from recognizing the power of our untapped true potential and the power of our consciousness. Humanity has been conditioned to ridicule and scoff at anything that cannot be proven through science and logic.

We are only now tapping into our true potential through the spread of Eastern Philosophy, the New Age Movement and Meditation. One of the main reasons that the Polar Shift event is taking place is that over time it has been proven time and again that for mankind to reach a spiritual awakening we must achieve a spiritual bottom.

Most often this takes place after a cataclysmic or life threatening event. How often have you heard of people becoming much more spiritual after a NDE (Near death Experience) such as the Sumatra Tsunami. Even a recovery from addiction requires that we reach a bottom before we can achieve a spiritual awakening.

Awakened Soul or Sheeple?

Do you considered yourself a spiritually awakened being?

See results

Polar Shift

Evidence of the Polar Shift continues to mount as tectonic plate movement around the world shows that the Earth Wobble from Nibiru Planet X is a fact. From large earthquakes in Wellington, New Zealand to escalating volcanic activity in the Ring of Fire the changes to our planet can no longer be denied.

Because the Earth Wobble has increased and altered the Jet Stream, the United States actually experienced a storm front that moved from the Eastern Seaboard West across the country in July of 2013, until it weakened in California. The altered Jet Stream has lead to an unprecedented melting of the Arctic Ice Cap, which in turn has lead to rising sea levels the world over.

Volcanic activity is on the rise from Alaska in the North to South America in the South, from the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain to Hawaii in the West and all through the chain of islands near Indonesia. While this escalating volcanic activity does not receive the attention it deserves in the mainstream media unless it directly affects or takes human lives, none the less it is displacing thousands of humans world wide.

As the Polar Shift moves into high gear refugees will become ever more common, moving from one disaster area to another and away from coastal regions inundated from rising ocean levels. This has already begun in the Caribbean, along the coastal regions of India and Bangladesh, throughout the many islands that make up the Ring of Fire and on the west Coast of Chile and other Western South American countries.

This one of the ways in which mankind will be given the opportunity to show compassion in Service To Others that have become displaced from the Polar Shift. That is why I emphasize the Polar Shift as a way of determining spiritual orientation because it will in affect create situations in which mankind will have to work together to solve problems such homelessness, hunger and ultimately immediate survival.

Learning to give willingly while putting aside cultural, religious and political differences to solve essential survival needs will be one of the true test of our humanity, compassion and unconditional love.

Many other signs have been in the news that defy a reasonable explanation for them unless you considered the presence of Nibiru Planet X in our solar system. These include but are not limited to CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) and the prolific amount of asteroids surrounding our planet.

The affect Nibiru Planet X is having on other planets in our solar system such as global warming and the disturbances on our Sun are profound and yet mainstream science attributes these phenomenon's to wide variety of unusual explanations. As Nibiru Planet X moves through our solar system its vast debris tail of asteroids and space dust are attracted by the magnetic pull of the Earth, hence we have asteroids in record numbers being pulled towards our planet and large areas of the Earth (mostly water) being covered in a fine red dust.

This article Nibiru Planet X, August 18, 2013 Is The Catalyst For Ascension was written to help people understand the true nature of this event and see it as an opportunity for spiritual advancement and not as cataclysm of epic proportions. True some of us may not survive this event however we all die sometime and if you believe as I do, that our souls are immortal then we will be reunited again in the next dimension of spiritual evolution. In the immortal words of Jimi Hendrix "See you on the other side, don't be late!"

© 2013 somethgblue


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    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yes, a lot of changes taking place in the World and right here at home, hope folks are paying attention, thanks for stopping by and commenting Beth!

    • Beth 53 profile image

      Beth J. Benson 

      7 years ago from Richmond, Va.

      Another great article Blue. The only thing to fear is fear itself! There are so many things happening at once, that there is no focus on some big realities, such as there is no money, the U.S. is having a hard time paying it's credit card bill. Did you see that where those 19 fireman lost there lives, FEMA declared that the victims of that fire, and those that lost there homes were not eligible for help! They said the state would have to take care of them. There is no money. Saw an article today that stated the U.S. had spent more money in the last year on disaster relief than education! Also did you notice the zetas said Israel was behind the chemical attacks on Siria?


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