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Trust In The Lord Thy God, For He Is Jesus!! (8/16/2017, Message#95)

Updated on August 13, 2018

It's Time to Learn the Truth!!

Yes, Jesus Is God!!
Yes, Jesus Is God!! | Source

How Else Can People Become and Remain Childlike?

When you’re “Faith” and “Trust” is in the Lord Jesus or you have an Intimacy With The Lord Jesus, you really can’t help becoming depended upon Him and His Will!! Yes exactly like little Children are in this World and to their parents, dependent upon Jesus Christ for everything!! There is no other way for an Adult to become dependent and have their needs met. Generally speaking, once most kids leave their Parents house, that’s it they are on their own! For an Adult who knows and has Intimacy With The Lord Jesus, they like All of Humanity Can Call Upon the Name of The Lord Jesus! He will provide for their “Needs,” Wants and Desires!!

Not to mention, the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth) is very clear, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” These are the Words of the Lord Jesus and they still apply in Humanity’s World, even Today Right Now, at Present!

This is exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

Childlike Faith in Jesus!!

For the Blood Bought Believer (BBB's), This Comes Natural Over Time!! :)

Always Growing in Jesus!!
Always Growing in Jesus!! | Source

Why is Being Childlike So Important When Dealing with Jesus?

First off, does anyone know how little Children think? Well, Anyone Beside Children? They are Carefree, Worry-free, fearless (for the most part) and don’t have much doubt within them (Naturally) either! Sound like being a child is the complete opposite of being an “Adult,” we unfortunately deal with one or “All” of those states of mind and including “Depression.” Naturally, Children are not born with these emotions, concerns or feelings. Like everything in this “World,” they must be taught how to “Not” be like Children and become like the Adults. However, the Lord Jesus states the Body of Christ needs to be like Little Children when dealing with Him and Father God?!?

What the Lord Jesus says, we as the Body of Christ must do and follow through! This is all part of Intimacy With The Lord Jesus, we do what He says because We Love Him more than our lives! Yet at the same time, the Lord Jesus provides for us and directs or orders our steps. He wants and desires us, the Body of Christ to be dependent upon Him for everything we need, want and desire in this Life. The Lord Jesus doesn’t prefer us to do things in our “Own” strength but use His Unlimited Spirit, Guidance and Source for “All” of Needs, Wants and Desires!

Is this really asking too much, this is why like All of Humanity Can Call Upon the Name of The Lord Jesus, He desire that “All” of Humanity lean and glean upon Him!! The Lord Jesus Desires that “None” within Humanity should perish or end up Permanently Separated From Him for All of Eternity.

More of Jesus and Less of the Flesh or Self.

Draw Near and Share Everything With the Lord Jesus!!
Draw Near and Share Everything With the Lord Jesus!! | Source

This is What Actually Happens as you Draw Near to King Jesus?!?

Becoming more dependent upon the Spirit, rather than this World and the things of it! As you Draw Near to the Lord Jesus, the closer to Him you become and the less “Worldly” of Flesh-like you are. In so doing, you are becoming more Childlike or dependent upon the Blessings, Provisions and Protections of Jesus Christ, as well as becoming more aware of “Who” He is!! The more Intimacy With The Lord Jesus you have, the stronger the bond or union between you and Him!

For example, if you desire a better Career or J-O-B (Just Over Broke), you will Ask, Seek and Knock or Draw Near to the Lord Jesus to seek His advice and guidance. Your desire is to remain in the Will of Father God and be a Blessing to the Lord Jesus, as well as those around you. If you are a “Single” Blood Bought Believer (BBB) and you desire to Marry. With Your Intimacy With The Lord Jesus, you will seek Him and Lift Him up in Pray for Advice, rather than doing this on your own and in your own flesh.

It doesn’t matter what you are dealing with, going through or maybe are in need of. You seek the Lord Jesus First and Foremost! Even those who need Healing or Restoration of the Body, you will still Seek, use your Faith and Completely Trust the Lord Jesus, just because!! You will seek the Lord Jesus Christ First, before leaning or doing as most people do, seek medical attention before asking the Lord Jesus to bless and guide the hands of those who will be operating or providing a service. Even the hearts of the doctors and the medical staff can be influenced by the very Presence of The Lord Jesus. Their minds and heart also belong to the Lord Jesus Christ; He created all of them as well and even knows them. Why not seek Him first and completely Trust the Lord Jesus Christ with Everything?

Surrendering to The Lord Jesus!!

You Want and Desire Life...

He is the "Only" to Have Life and Have It More Abundantly!!
He is the "Only" to Have Life and Have It More Abundantly!! | Source

You Desire Peace, Love, Hope and a Future…, Seek the Lord Jesus!!

As it has been explained within You Decide When and Who You Serve, At Some point… All Decisions Are Final, the “Time” going forward is determined by the Restrainer. As many have believed and even previously thought, the Restrainer is the Holy Spirit. In all actuality this is not the case, the Restrainer is the Bride of Christ and The Age of Grace is in her hands! Anyone and Everyone who desires closeness or wants to Draw Near to the Lord Jesus, now is the “Time” to do so! The end of The Age of Grace is the hands of the Restrainer or better yet, the Bride of Jesus Christ!

I suggest many seek the Lord Jesus Christ with “All” of your Heart, Mind and Very Soul! Only Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) knows the Day or Hour of Rapture Day, The Pre-Tribulation Rapture. At present, this day is now shrouded in mystery! So Humanity Has More Time, Okay How Much More? No Man really knows, but we do know The Age of Grace is on borrowed “Time!” Even No Matter What, Keep Watch and Keep Watching provide clues but again, this is all up to the Restrainer or the Bride of Jesus Christ. There Are No Guarantees going Forward in “Time!”

This is exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus and All of Humanity Can Call Upon the Name of The Lord Jesus.

Stay Focused Upon the Lord Jesus Christ!!

He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!!
He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!! | Source

Wherever Your Faith and Focus is, this is Where Your Heart Is!!

The Truth is, Your Focus Determines Your Eternity. People these days don’t seem to like “direct” or straight to the point, The Truth is I must to get their attention. This is why Are You Living In A Box is such a “Pain” to so many, but I can’t be disobedient to appease anyone. There is a specific group of the Human Population the Lord Jesus still desires a Relationship with! Like everyone else, even they too still need to know The Truth. The entire goal of The Truth is to get you out of your Comfort Zone, so you can make the appropriate changes and/or adjustments. In most cases, simply accepting the Saving Grace and Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ for starters, and making Him the Lord and Ruler of your Heart.

The one thing about The Truth, once it gets inside you, it changes you forever. This world no longer looks or feels the same, what you thought you wanted and desired before, no longer matters. All you want is to begin Learning to Experience The Presence of The Lord Jesus and know Where Will You Call Home for all Eternity. For those who remain “Worldly,” living within the flesh, on the “I” Way and “My” Way, most of them don’t want you to tell them or make them aware of Who Do You Serve and Where Is Your Love. They would rather remain “Lost” at Any Cost!?! 0_o

Like the Bible says, you will know them by their fruits. The fruits of the flesh, strong forceful language, control and dictating to name a few, on the other hand, the fruits of the Spirit are of Love, Peace, Hope, the Glory of Jesus and a very calm loving demeanor! Very much Christ-like, verse an unruly, chaotic and controlling person, which would you rather deal with?

Can "It" Be So Simple?!?

Say What About This World?!?

A World of Flesh, Clearly Battles the Spirit!
A World of Flesh, Clearly Battles the Spirit! | Source

Can the World Give You the Things of the Spirit?!?

This world is a “Flesh” based “World!” As explained within There Is a War Going On, its Between the Flesh and the Spirit, the Spirit and the Flesh are at odds with each other and they are constantly battling over dominion within each person. Those who reject The Truth, walk in the flesh and it has “Full Control” of these people. Those who follow the Lord Jesus and are the Blood Bought Believers (BBB’s) in Jesus Christ, we walk in the Spirit and we are guided by the Holy Spirit for the most part.

The answer is no, this “World” can and never will give anyone the thing of the Spirit. It can “Only” give you The Devices of the Enemy, to keep you distracted and ever coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ for yourself. Better yet, this world can get you to a place to where you will say “I Am Just Too B-U-S-Y” when it comes to hearing or knowing The Truth. To seek the Spirit, this is Why Humanity Needs Jesus and All of Humanity Can Call Upon the Name of The Lord Jesus. There is no other way to receive, experience, acknowledge or be made aware of the things of the Spirit. The Lord Jesus Christ is the “Only” Way!

During the Age of Grace...

"Now" Is the Best Time to Surrender!!
"Now" Is the Best Time to Surrender!! | Source

To Trust the Lord Thy God, You Must Give Yourself to Jesus Christ!?!

All you have to do is as simple as A-B-C. A: Acknowledge you are a Sinner, born into sin because of the fall of Adam. B: Believe in your Heart that the Lord God of Heaven Raised Jesus Christ from the dead. C: Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and you will be Saved!

If You want to grow closer to the Lord Jesus or you have like I did, backslid and want to Come Back to Your First Love. The time is now to invite the Holy Spirit back into your life and be Made "Whole"!! Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. The Lord Jesus went through literal Hell for me and I am truly sorry; now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ died for my sins and Loves Me so Much, was resurrected from the dead, is alive and hears my prayers. I invite the Lord Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. I Never Knew I needed You so Much and I meant so much to You Lord Jesus. Lord God I ask you to Please send and fill me with your Holy Spirit to help me obey You Lord Jesus and to do Your Will Lord, for the rest of my life. Become My “Center” and make me Whole again, in Jesus Holy Name I pray, Amen.

With your Childlike Faith, Your Focus has Determined Your Eternity and your Trust in the Lord Jesus has just changed your Life Forever! Welcome to the Family of Blood Bought Believers, even those who have backslidden, Welcome Back in Jesus Name!!

Trust the Lord Jesus!!

All of Humanity Can Be a Child of Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am)!!

Even You Can Become One!!
Even You Can Become One!! | Source

To Remain Childlike in Heart and Mind, You Must Focus Upon the Things on High and The Way is Jesus!!

The whole Entire Goal for Each and Every Blood Bought Believer (BBB) is to make Heaven Their Eternal Home. To be ready to meet the Lord Jesus, rather at The Pre-Tribulation Rapture or in death, the Body of Christ must allow Jesus to Prepare Your Hearts for Eternity. This is all based upon the amount of Intimacy With The Lord Jesus and how close you Draw Near to the Lord Jesus. The Closer you are before the end of The Age of Grace, the more like you will be ready for The Pre-Tribulation Rapture. To Trust the Lord with this level of closeness is Childlike Faith, you depend upon Him to keep you ready for Rapture Day or to meet Him in death!

You know deep down, Your Focus Determines Your Eternity and you don’t want to miss the Lord Jesus When He Comes!! There are many within the Body of Christ who desire to know Where Will You Call Home for all Eternity? No man, woman or child can answer this for you, to know this, you must have Intimacy With The Lord Jesus and He will tell you! This is leaning and gleaning upon the Lord Jesus Christ, remaining in the Spirit and not within the flesh! The Childlike Faith is in-tuned to the Spirit, to where you almost can’t stop asking King Jesus Questions and your Curiosity sometimes gets the best of you!

This is the beauty and the uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ; He doesn’t get impatient with you or tired of your questions. He always lovingly answers them, often times in ways many don’t expect! Do you want to experience this for yourself? Then you will have to Draw Near to the Lord Jesus.

Yes Heaven is Real and a Very Real Place!!

Light is Everywhere and It is a Real Joy, Just Standing There!!
Light is Everywhere and It is a Real Joy, Just Standing There!! | Source

What Is Heaven Really Like, Can Anything Compare?

The flesh loves to be pampered, touched, caressed and the heat of passion. Sadly too many, this is as good as it gets. There is a place where these simple feelings of the flesh are magnified, intensified and tied into the emotional state at a much higher frequency!! Take “Sex” for example, generally speaking, this action only pleases one general area and the flesh craves this feeling. However, this doesn’t compare to just being in Heaven!?!

Many people say eating Chocolate is better than “Sex,” even this still doesn’t compare to “Just” being in Heaven! Many say being “Clean” after a Shower or Bath is the best feeling and there is nothing Like “Being” Clean! Even this “Clean” feeling of being refreshed to the flesh or body, still does not compare to what Heaven is like!!! There is nothing on Father God’s Green Earth, which can or ever will Ever Compare to what Heaven is Like!!

Heaven is unlike any place Humanity could Ever Experience, on Earth, we like to tout the Five Senses. Taste, Touch, Sight, Hearing and Smell, in Heaven you have these and so much more!! What you “See” with your eyes, is pleasurable! What you touch, trees, grass and so forth, this is even pleasurable! The Sounds of Heaven and what you Hear is even Pleasurable!! The Food which is in Heaven, even this is Pleasurable as well!! The Smells of the Flowers and the Very Scent of Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) and the Lord Jesus is also Pleasurable as well!!! There is nothing in Heaven which does not or cannot bring someone Joy, there is nothing there of sin, evil or darkness. Heaven is not like the “Life” Humanity Lives on Planet Earth, there is no comparison! There is no pain in Heaven; there is plenty of Pain, Harm and Hurt on Earth! Again, there is no comparison and the “Only” Way to make Heaven your Eternal Home is through Jesus Christ and your Child-like Faith in Him!! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus, Why All of Humanity Can Call Upon the Name of The Lord Jesus and Your Focus Determines Your Eternity. Choose Wisely, for so Many… Heaven Can’t Wait!

A Tour Guide of Heaven?!?

The Lord Jesus Christ Is The I Am That I Am!!

The Father and Jesus Are "One!"
The Father and Jesus Are "One!" | Source

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