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UFO: A Perspective

Updated on November 22, 2012

The Three Questions

On occasion I, as a paranormal investigator, get asked my opinions and views on subjects ranging from ghost to demons, haunting and pretty much everything in between. In some rare cases I am asked to share my opinion on the time honored topic of UFOs. First I must admit a sad truth. Anyone who knows me on a personal level will tell you I am absolutely scared to death of aliens. As a child the film E.T had me scared to go outside. As an adult the image of what we currently refer to as greys terrifies me to the core. That out of the way I wanted to touch base with my readers. I have to admit I do enjoy getting UFO questions as even with my fear I have managed to cram a lot of UFO study into my work.

As I mentioned above I do get the occasional alien or UFO questions. These questions are usually run of the mill typical questions we hear all the time. "Do you believe?", "What are they?", and of course "Do you feel there is a government cover-up?" As much as I have grown tired of the same questions I long for the debates that usually follow. I wanted to give these questions some detailed thought and present my best answers.

I have always been fascinated with UFOs but after seeing one for myself my views would forever change.
I have always been fascinated with UFOs but after seeing one for myself my views would forever change.

Do You Believe

I have taken part in my fair share of UFO cases, mostly as a correspondent or behind the scenes guy. I have also done full scale field research on numerous occasions.To answer with simply a yes, no or maybe would do a real distrust so I feel I need to structure my answer a little better than that, at least for my reader's sake. I myself do believe in aliens and I most certainly believe in UFOs.

By definition a UFO is simply an unidentified flying object. A paper wad can be a UFO under certain circumstances. If it is failed to be identified than it is a UFO. In that sense everyone whether they want to or not believes in UFOs. That being said let me elaborate on why I make the personal choice to believe.

My first facet of belief came at the tender age of 14 or 15. I can't recall my exact age at the time. I was driving with my dad in his old truck visiting my girlfriend. While we were parked in her driveway I spotted a silver orb floating just above the mountain. the object seemed to sway back and fourth for a few seconds and soon my dad had noticed it as well. Without any warning the orb flew off at a speed I can only call ludicrous. Needless to say I was scared. It may actually be a huge understatement to say i was scared. It took a lot to get me out of that truck.

It would be several years before I would have my next UFO encounter, but it would be this encounter that really sparked my interest in the subject. I was watching stars with one of my dearest friends trying to help her locate constellations for a class project. While trying and failing miserably to locate Orion I noticed a wedge shape in the sky. It sparkled like nothing I have ever seen before. I heard a jet roaring and assumed the craft I saw in the sky was in fact some sort of jet. Than without a warning I saw a jet approach the first object at rapid speeds. Than almost as quick 2 more jets flew in to flank this thing. By now my friend was trying to snap pictures with her phone and I was trying to get away. Two more jets soon arrived and apparently that was the cue for the wedge to get lost because he it simply vanished. It did not take long for the jets to depart each going the same way they came in.

I thought at first I simply imagined it and my friend was humoring me. It wasn't until a day later I started hearing reports of UFO sightings fitting the description of the same site I saw that night with my friend. My own paranormal team received several calls regarding the sighting as well.

These personal experiences coupled with evidence I have seen and had the privilege to work with are the guiding factors that have lead me to believe we are not alone in the universe. I say guiding factors because in many ways I have always felt that we were not alone. Why would the universe be so big and vast and we be the only thing out there? So in short, yes, I do believe.

Is it possible that somewhere in the future time travel will become a reality?
Is it possible that somewhere in the future time travel will become a reality?

Is the real?

What Are They?

This one I am afraid I can't answer so easily. I have several ideas of what they may be and many theories exist to do just the same. In my opinion the majority of UFOs reported are simply classified military aircraft. These craft could be under classified orders but still running test flights. If you explore older UFO reports you will find the descriptions of the black triangle crafts to be remarkably similar to the stealth bomber, a jet that spent several years under classified status before it was revealed. Perhaps one day we will look at the sightings of today and be able to compare them with newly released aircraft.

One aspect that really makes me feel a lot of the UFOs reported each year are military is the location. Area 51 is a major UFO hotspot. It is rumored that UFOs fly by all the time here in this once highly classified bases. Reality is there are several hangers and landing zones on the base. Who is to say that this base could not be simply working on new experimental aircraft for the military? While it may be possible that UFOs are buzzing Area 51, but I think it may just as well be possible that it is more attuned to military work as opposed to alien. Think about it. UFOs become a smoke shield until the craft is ready to be debuted.

Back To The Future

Another theory I have looked into but really have not put a great deal of faith into is the theory that UFOs are simply time machines from our future. It is well known that in catastrophic events the amount of UFO reportings increase greatly. A prime example is the tragedy of 9-11. For several days prior and many days after the actual act of terrorism that leveled the twin towers UFO reports were pouring in from New York. This scenario has lead many to believe that UFOs are time travelers who are trying to learn from their past which in turn is our present.

This brings up a ton of questions like "Why do they look different?". "Why run test on people?", and even more importantly "Why not change the bad things?"

The first question could be as simple as what we see is actually not an alien body but a suit used by humans to help stabilize the body during time travel. Maybe the future has bred an atmosphere that makes these suits a necessity for survival.

testing on humans is a much trickier question to tackle. Maybe there are new diseases in the future and the human immune system has suffered somehow. The travelers may be trying to find what it is about our make-up that allowed us to live free of the disease.

The last question instantly puts "Back To the Future" in mind. If we change the past we alter the future. Maybe you go back and interrupt a man from falling in love with a woman. Unknown to you these were your grandparents and you have negated your own life. You would no longer exist simply because you redirected the future by altering the past.

The last thought is they are simply aliens. Beings from another world who come to Earth for some reason we just don't know yet.

Do an unkown society of men and women known as the men in black monitor alien activity on Earth?
Do an unkown society of men and women known as the men in black monitor alien activity on Earth?

Is There A Government Cover-up?

I am a big conspiracy fan. I love to read about secret societies and cover-ups. I often look to Roswell when this question is asked of me. I do feel there have been times when incidences regarding UFOs have been kept from the general public or at the very least have been altered to make the UFO appear more natural than extraterrestrial. Roswell seems to be the best representative of this. Repeated changes of the initial report as well as constant media tampering have made the Roswell story an idea cover-up.

There probably have been numerous UFO cover-ups. These cover -ups sport two frames of thought. The first is are they covering up to protect us or keep us from knowing something to control us. Both sides of the argument are highly debated and equally supported by those who choice that particular aspect.

A lot of people do feel that the government has been keeping UFOs under wraps simply so they can sell the scientific perks and such that come with them. Medical breakthroughs and technological evolution may all be under the watchful eye of the government.

On the other hand maybe they simply keep it from us so we do not panic. I think of the Men In Black film series. Every day aliens could be plotting mass invasions but it is the fact we do not know that gets us through the day.

I feel both sides make valid points and neither is more right nor more wrong than the other. They both have firm ground to build a debate upon. I will go on record and say I do believe there have and will continue to be cover-ups on UFOs. I will also go on record to say I am unsure whether it is to protect us or control us.

Have You Seen A UFO

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In conclusion I say go on what you have to go on. Weight what you consider evidence and choose to believe how you want. Never look down on someone who has seen a UJFO or someone who believes even if you don't. be open t the possibility that we are not alone. Until next time.

Please tell me about your UFO encounters in the comments section of this text.


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    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      6 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      I loved your hub and I was drawn to your topic on UFO's . I find your idea very possible that somewhere in the future time travel will become a reality. The same goes for crop circles makers. Well done. Interesting and voted up!

    • lorddraven2000 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sam Little 

      8 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      Daily I like that. I have to say I agree with you.

    • dailytop10 profile image


      8 years ago from Davao City

      Whether aliens exist or not is not the question since they actually does whether we like it or not. What we don't know is when they'll find us or if they already have.

    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 

      8 years ago from Texas

      I personally believe that even if you went back in time (somehow) and stopped an event that later prevents your birth it wouldn't just make you disappear. You would effectively become a paradox. But that's just me. Great article. I don't really have any speculation on the subject but I find the topic very interesting. I went to Roswell as a child and felt that it was more of a tourist spot than an actual skeptic spot to go for factual information.

      P.S. you said "UJFO" in your final paragraph. Don't know if you did that on purpose or not...

    • lorddraven2000 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sam Little 

      8 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      Thank you very much. I actually got into paranormal research to disprove it but ended up being a believer.

    • thelatebloomer11 profile image


      8 years ago

      Interesting hub. I don't have any UFO encounters and I don't believe in UFO but I like what you said on your conclusion, "never look down on someone who believes even if you don't."


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