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What is Matrix about?

Updated on May 12, 2016

*The following entire post is an insight of spiritual and visionary author, poet and healer Katerina Kostaki

The beggining is always the End and vice versa.

Matrix never ends but it restarts with new rules.

People live in a software and have no idea of what they are going through, because Matrix is created to exist and operate beyond human perception.

Only a few selected heroes escape to comprehend that this escape is only but a badge of adventures and constant conflict with agents, spies and various malevolent species.

However Matrix is vulnerable from its birth;the Architect, the Creator or Father of Matrix fails to take into consideration Love.

Probably he misunderstands Humans and their deeper feelings and has no interest to learn though.

On the contrary the Mother of Matrix is willing to learn and suffer in any case to keep a balance between Humans and Machines.

Matrix is more than a single movie;It talks about the choices we all make.

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The blue or the red pill is only but a choice, an option.If we want to succeed we should learn to support, fight, follow knowledge, love and eventually sucrifice ourselves for Common Good.

That is become a Nio or a Trinity.But surely those were the only few selected in thousands of souls who chose to be sheepies.

For them a 1000 years agreement reveals a beautiful shiny day upon the false sky, but it's unclear if they ever touch the "Truth" with their fingertips.

What is Matrix?

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