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Is it possible to sense and/or hear frequencies and maybe beyond that?

Corrie Lamprecht, the author of The Secret Truth of Astral and Remote Viewing hub, said that we humans can pick up any type of signals. I don't know if you guys have noticed it but have you tried listening to the frequency of your TV or radio? Can you hear a very sharp tune whenever you turn it on? I have. Not only that but I can also sometimes sense that there is a text message coming. yes, when I feel that sensation that I will receive a text, I take out my cellphone and a second later, a text pops up. Any idea why I can sense them? How can I train myself to make use of this ability?


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Donna (donnatru) says

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5 years ago
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    joniah2884 5 years ago

    interesting.i watched and listed the video and felt kind of strange. In the end, i got a slight head ache at my left side of the brain. do you have any articles explaining these things?