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The Bible is the answer to finding out what the future will be like in mankind's coming history.

Many seek out "experts" concerning the future when it comes to their finances, health, security, family concerns, health issues. Many are concerned about their dead loved ones condition and so they seek out psychics and "fortellers of events", which they have to pay out money to get answers concerning their dead loved ones. The Bible has all the answers for someone who is concerned about the things mentioned in this thread.


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Jack Lee (jackclee lm) says

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14 months ago
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    Jackie (snapcracklepop) 14 months ago

    You are absolutely correct. The Bible is beneficial for all things, for everything(2nd Timothy 3:16,17)....One promise that I'm interested in seeing fulfilled is at Psalms 37:10, 11 and verse 29....Thank you for your great response :)