I need your help and opinion !?

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    Logicofhappinessposted 5 years ago

    This is more of a personal experience that i am sharing, and hopefully it may show either myself, or someone else that they are not the only one that is experiencing this issue.
    (for more background information read one of my hubs related to this topic.

    So, I have a friend, that is female and we get along so well. Just as well as my best friend and I do. We were basically in a relationship, but an unofficial one that is. She would come over and hang out just as any couple could do. But we had one major 'firewall' or 'hurdle' that we had to encounter. She is Christian, and I am not.

    When i say im not christian, I mean not a practising one. I believe in god, but do not follow the lessons of the bible. Where as this girl does follow the bible.
    This wasn't the main issue though. We both accepted and supported each other decision as if they were our own and made each other extremely happy, happier than anyone else does. But her parents did not agree.

    I had never met her parents, this was partially due to her thinking they would not aprove of our relationship and it would end abruptly. Keeping in mind, they only think that me and her are friends, and that we are both 18/19 years old. (legally adults in Australia)

    We have now reached the point in our relationship unfortunately she has to decide for herself what she thinks is right. Weather she wants to be with me, or allow her parents to dictate her decisions, like they have for her whole life.

    Now i respect her parents in they way that they only want what is bets for their child. As any good parent would.
    But because the bible says that couples should be both of Christian belief they wont accept me as her boyfriend.
    Yet again i am all for religion and the bible if that makes someone happy. But if parents dictate their Childs life with the bible, not allowing them to make their own decisions, I find that wrong.

    When i have children, i wish to teach them as much as i can about everything, from physics and the mechanics of the universe, and religion and how it has help many people through stuggles in their life. And allow my child to decide for themselves what they choose to believe, and i will suport that decision the whole time if it makes my child happy.

    And this is what i am doing with this girl, i am supporting and protecting her choices as if they were mine, but so far all her choices have been from a overly strong influence from her parents.

    So... we are currently taking a break. She has decided that she wants to think about everything about herself, and decided weather thats what she really wants or if it is what her parents have told her what she wants. And as hard as that is, I only want what is best for her, so i am supporting that choice she has made. Hopefully at the end of all this, i will be able to be with her and her parents be accepting of me.

    But until then, im in agony not talking to her, asking her how her day is, or just talking about anything.

    Do any of you out there share the same problem as i do?
    If you do, be known you aren't the only one and is your other half loves you (she told me she "loves me so so much"), things will work out.

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      HoneyBBposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I'm not going through this right now but I have been in similar situations in my past. It's great that you miss talking to her but you should find ways to fill your days with things that you love to do on your own. Discover more about yourself while she is discovering whether her decisions are her own or forced. Keeping busy may help lessen some of your loneliness. Sometimes things happen that separate people in body but not in heart so if your love is strong and her is just as strong you will probably work things out but you have to have patience and allow it to take its natural course to know that you will be able to handle future upsets together. I wish you the best of luck. Many people aren't so lucky to have found someone who is so supportive and devoted, christians or not.