Which version of scripture do you share with your family and circle?

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    andrew savageposted 4 years ago

    Personally, I entertain the Gnostic Bible, the Zohar and various Buddhist texts such as Awakening the Buddha Within. Despite the literal translation of the word religion meaning "again binding" I like to believe that religion is a way of forging a covenant with the lord to achieve: enlightenment, spiritual liberation and ascension. When I first began my studies I was devoted to the skeptical approach in all matters, however after reading the King James Holy Bible (a version prior to the 1980s) I discovered that not only do I have faith in a universal creator, but I also believe in the need for a savior of mankind. I did not stop reading at the Holy Bible and catholic/Christian prayers as many do, I delved into unfamiliar and more ancient (as well as new) literal territory. I developed a fondness toward Kabbalah, Buddhism, the Gnostic Coptic, the study of entheogen eucharists, scrying, divination and other modes of channeling the Holy Spirit. I found life much easier to cope with and a sense of the compassion of a loving god in all matters and manners of life. In the approach of embracing life with a dynamic and open creed I found it easier to maintain faith and devotion toward my lord and embrace the advances of science and medicine on common ground. While my circle and family are relatively small, I believe that the prior mentioned literature has brought me close to my loved ones and friends. Does anyone have personal recommendations for other literature , connotations, prayers and other methods of channeling?