Expanding my Paranormal Research Team

  1. AlienHubber profile image61
    AlienHubberposted 3 years ago

    Looking for folks who would be interested in joining me on various paranormal investigations. I have a blog, and am always looking for contributors. Reciprocal linking would be allowed to/from articles you specifically write and your Hubs.

    If you don't feel like writing, and you just want to join to hear about some of the interesting 'X-Files' I've collected over the years, feel free to comment here as well.

    The email I use is VisitorAnthology@yahoo.com

    Feel free to email me there if you want to keep the conversation private.

    1. sparkster profile image93
      sparksterposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      The UFO phenomena is one of my specialist subjects and I have also had many unexplained paranormal experiences, some of them quite recent. I would be interested in this, though I am also soon starting a collective of aspiring independent writers.