We Create Our Own Hells

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    Prodioposted 3 years ago


    (Physical) reality is quite indifferent. It's not (unless you're struck by a hurricane or stuff like that) malicious. The reality that we live in - is actually a heaven - the best possible heaven that we can ever get in - and we can't create it ourselves either (from scratch: that is - building the physical reality of the universe from its atomic (and deeper) level.

    Reality is not satanic. Human consciousness creates that what we commonly call Satan - and is the origin of it. Even animals are not the origin of satanic consciousness [perhaps we can safely exclude snakes from this list].

    Human life is a condition offering 'infinite' possibilities. It is an opportunity for the spirit to exercise its deepest aspirations on materialistic levels. But something seems to malfunction during the journey of the spirit [the human soul/self consciousness - whatever you might like to call it.] We end up creating our own hells on earth. But - as stated earlier - physical reality is indifferent to human existence. If not physical reality - then what is the root-cause of this malfunction?

    My contention is this: we suffer as an effect of our own satanic consciousness. Added to that - we may get infected with the satanic consciousness of others.

    If somehow - we can purify our consciousnesses - we can start to create a new world in this indifferent physical reality.

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      Ericdierkerposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Clearly we create both heaven and hell here on earth, for ourselves. Perhaps it is only perspective in many cases. But it is real to the person and definitely real to the soul. I have seen those who are in what appears to be an eternal and internal "lake of fire" within themselves. And I have seen very cognitive and faithful people exist is a perpetual state of bliss no matter what the external factors.

      It seems satisfactory to label the push and pull as satanic verses God as the crux seems to be beyond human comprehension of any exactitude.

      My favorite phenomenon to watch are people who are diagnosed depressive be happy. Sure they have the clinical hell of depression but it does not consume their very soul which remains in a type of contact with their God. (and even absent a recognition of God) The Blissful Bipolar!?

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        Prodioposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Exactly, Eric.