Which is more acceptable? That is just the way it is, I dun'no or God?

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    tsmogposted 3 years ago

    In today's societies is the word god or God simply a term used for I dun'no when asked a question that cannot be explained? Would it be that God is simply the beginning and the beginning cannot be explained? Scientific method says:

    Ask a Question (Pondering with the knowledge one has)
    Do Background Research (Historical evidence)
    Construct a Hypothesis (Philosophy of the idea with logic and mathematics supporting it)
    Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment (empirical evidence)
    Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion (Contrast / Compare Hypothesis with empirical evidence and the consequences - correct or incorrect)
    Communicate Your Results ('Peer' review. A Peer is within the same realm of knowledge)

    Science today solves problems for man to continue existing with benefits - medicine, energy, health & wellness, technology, manufacturing, and etc. And, science seeks to discover the beginning. Today most know that as microbiology, astronomy, archeology, and etc. Science pursues the beginning within the confines of nature - material universe, as it is known. Science even pursues the beginning of intelligence using technology - artificial intelligence.

    Science does discover answers, yet at times it is proven/demonstrated as incorrect or becomes superseded with something new. Without oddity each answer offers a new question . . . what was that answer's beginning? That new question offers once again explaining the supernatural - beyond the known material universe or the immaterial (the supernatural?), the unexplained, the I dun'no, the "that is the way it is", and for some god or God with the natural as is known 'today'.