Signs of the times

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  1. Segun Tewogbola profile image77
    Segun Tewogbolaposted 7 years ago

    The signs of Jesus Christ's return are written everywhere. Watch!

    1. dashingscorpio profile image84
      dashingscorpioposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Segun, People see what they want to see or read into things they hope for. For over 2000 years there have been people pointing to signs of Jesus return. And even if that were to happen today according to Revelation there will be (1000 years) of peace before Satan is destroyed/defeated.

      Thus far we have yet to see the Antichrist arrive who would convince most of the world that he is the savior of humanity. That's suppose to happen before Jesus returns. The unification of world to follow one leader is not likely to happen in our lifetime! For all we know the planet will be here another billion years!  If that is the case does it really matter?

      I suspect there are some "believers" who would be very disappointed if Jesus didn't return in their lifetime. They want the satisfaction of showing the world they were "right" to follow the teachings of Christianity. Others also use Jesus coming back as motivation to behave in accordance with the bible or recruit new members to their churches. "The time is at hand."
      It's as if they're selling religion like it's life insurance.

      Hypothetically if we knew that Jesus was returning in the year 3050 it should not make a difference to his followers. However I suspect there would be lots of them who would be very disappointed.

      And even after he arrives there is yet to be a (1000 year reign of peace) on earth before the big battle with the Devil! None of us will be here for that.

      1. profile image52
        ITGWF Discipleposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        If a person serves God, then the "Time is at Hand" when they die anyway, so they have a prime motivation in order to behave as God has specified, so that they can then join Christ at the first battle. The churches that are there to support a building will not tell you this, because they are just after your money and do not want to offend you, but if you can find a church that does not have to support an expensive building or pastor, then you should be able to get the correct edification.
        If you live in North America then you might be seeing some signs on a high street near you every weekend.
        You might also be having a big battle with the Devil tomorrow if someone decides to invite you to an orgy.

      2. Kiss andTales profile image59
        Kiss andTalesposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Dashing that is exactly how Jesus returns, as a thief in the night , his return is unexpected,  not calculated by any more years as you have claim your numbers are way off, Jesus is siting in Goverment power now.
        He has been for a while,  in numbers and calculations the number of years his rulership began can be counted down. A generation will not die out before the end arrives, that Generation was standing when he took his seat they are 80 - 90 now. So we will see the end, more research can be learned on the subject at jworg library free to the world.

        1. Kiss andTales profile image59
          Kiss andTalesposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Also do not overlook a powerful clue of the end.
          Notice what will be the trigger that leads to the finally.
          1Th 5:3Whenever it is that they are saying, “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, just like birth pains on a pregnant woman, and they will by no means escape.
          Is it true that is what the United Nations stands for ?
          First they were league of nations , now United Nations, 
          only in our generations have this existed,
          Destruction is to follow when they claim true peace and security. And they will.
          Again. We are at the door.
          The point have people found the right Arch of
          truth faith of accurate knowledge to be survivors or have they allowed satan to mislead them as well.this can mean a spiritual death.

        2. dashingscorpio profile image84
          dashingscorpioposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Kiss andTales, Only time will tell! smile
          History is filled with tons of people predicting the end of the world and Jesus being "at the door". They thought so during the "black plague", World War I & II, The Cuban Missile Crisis, Desert Storm, Y2K, Mayan Calendar 2012, Countless eclipses, planetary alignments, and so on.

          According to believers the bible says no man knows the time or the hour and yet it's the believers who are more obsessed with determining the "end of days". I'm inclined to believe it's because the bulk of them are (unhappy) with their lives and are desperate to see a change.

          Many also hoping it's in their time so they can wag their fingers and profess they were "right". As I stated there is also another group that sells the "end of days is at hand" theory as a recruitment tool.

          However you the only person I have ever heard say: "Jesus is siting in Government power now." I believe his followers were hoping for a more "splashy return" if what you say is true. Secondly there has not been anything close to us having a unified planet with a 1000 years of peace.

          Not only do I not believe he (is) in government I don't believe he will back anytime soon and especially during or lifetime!

          In the mean time I'm content with Luke 17:21

          "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is (within you)."

          1. Kiss andTales profile image59
            Kiss andTalesposted 7 years agoin reply to this

            Dashing I never said anything about the hour or the exact time.
            Jesus said he does not know
            Mt 24:36“Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.
            Jesus taught us how to keep awake
            Notice New World Translation
            Mt 24:32“Now learn this illustration from the fig tree: Just as soon as its young branch grows tender and sprouts its leaves, you know that summer is near.
            He was saying watch world events pay attention to your surroundings. Not that we know exactly but the settings around us tell us.
            Never gave you a date Dashing but I gave you the season.

            1. Kiss andTales profile image59
              Kiss andTalesposted 7 years agoin reply to this

              Also why is it that people picture him coming in the clouds to gather good people,
              No wrong thinking, NoticeRe 6:2 And I saw, and look! a white horse, and the one seated on it had a bow; and a crown was given him, and he went out conquering and to complete his conquest.
              His return is based on war.
              Re 19:15And out of his mouth protrudes a sharp, long sword with which to strike the nations, and he will shepherd them with a rod of iron. Moreover, he treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.

              Re 19:19And I saw the wild beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the one seated on the horse and against his army.

              Also the taking in captive satan and his demons onto the a prison state.

              Lu 8:31And they kept pleading with him not to order them to go away into the abyss.

              It was not time to go then , but they surly knew who he was.
              And we should know too.

              1. Kiss andTales profile image59
                Kiss andTalesposted 7 years agoin reply to this

                Dashing the earth must be clean of opposer
                The education of truth has been istablished for
                Many generations,  Jesus has a eternity he does not have to rush any thing , we feel our time is his time No!  So looking for supportive citizens.  Many have declined and many will keep living.

                1. dashingscorpio profile image84
                  dashingscorpioposted 7 years agoin reply to this

                  It's also been said: This antichrist will bring false (hope and peace to the world), and will do what no one else has ever done- bring Israel and Palestine together. (Now that would be "sign")
                  Israel and Palestine will never trust one another let alone become friendly. At least not in our life times. It's also ironic that "peace" will be trigger that sets off the "end of days".

                  My theory is during biblical days the leaders of the Israelite tribes did not want to dilute their bloodlines so they forbid marriage outside of their tribes and encouraged distrust of  all neighboring countries.

                  Even when you look at the supposed conflicts between the Philistines and the Israelites. The Philistines were an ancient people, listed in the initial records of those who descended from Noah after the time of the flood. Abraham and Isaac interacted with the Philistines But it was during the time of the Exodus that "the Lord promised that the land of Israel would include the territory of the Philistines." This led to war because the  Israelites believed a higher power told them to take the Philistines land!

                  Fast forward to the U.S. and it's "Manifest Destiny" is a term for the attitude prevalent during the 19th century period of American expansion that the United States not only could, but was "destined to, stretch from coast to coast". This attitude helped fuel western settlement, Native American (removal) and war with Mexico. We used this belief to "justify" our actions of (taking land) from Native Americans and the Mexicans.

                  That's quite a leap to make from arriving on the Mayflower.
                  I guess they saw what is now the U.S. as being their "promised land".


              2. dashingscorpio profile image84
                dashingscorpioposted 7 years agoin reply to this

                I too always wondered why people pictured Jesus arriving in the sky too!
                As expansive as the world is with it's different time zones the only way he could possibly appear for everyone to see him all at once would be via cable TV or something like YouTube where images are streamed.

                Even with that there would need to be an announcement so some folks would not sleep through it. I'm not sure how poor villages in 3rd world countries would see him either as they're not likely to have TVs or laptops. It will be a logistical nightmare to appear before the whole world at once. Maybe some folks will get the word of his return

                My main statement was I don't believe any of presently living will see "the end days". More importantly it shouldn't matter to us one way or another.
                Whatever is going to happen will happen when it's supposed to happen.

                1. Kiss andTales profile image59
                  Kiss andTalesposted 7 years agoin reply to this

                  True dashing it is going to happen, and we should care it is about our future and our happiness,  and the return of those we love and
                  Resting in death, Just as you have kept up with the world affairs, there will be as an example the changing of the guards all humans will be effected.
                  Many want a perfect change now when it is going to happen it seems unbelievable.
                  Now that we have seen what badness can do
                  We can also see what good can do.

                2. profile image52
                  ITGWF Discipleposted 7 years agoin reply to this

                  I think you need to read Revelation 16 to see what state the world will be in before Christ arrives and who He will be fighting on that day. There sure won't be any cable TV around.
                  You might also wander why so many people are are trying to escape from the middle east region, if your news programs are reporting the Exodus.

  2. profile image52
    ITGWF Discipleposted 7 years ago

    You might be surprised at some of the heavy stuff that the Bible says is going to happen, before Christ returns. Also make sure you do not end up facing Him on the battle field.

    1. Kiss andTales profile image59
      Kiss andTalesposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Very true Itgwf, the clergy are helping satan in feeding the wrong messages and doctrines right up until Armageddon. While people are arguing over words ,everyday is closer to that day. Wake up my hubers , I have drawn very close to many here and care very much about you!   I ask you with a  sincere heart and plea to examine
      Ask questions of your clergy  , what to ask,
      Is What, is the Heavenly  Father's name.not Lord, Psalm 83:18
      , is there proof people go to heaven, ask them to prove it, then what does the resurrection mean ,if they are in heaven.
      People who claim to love Jesus must make sure you are not mis directing your loyalty
      For the truth That will not save life. But be very sure you have the truth and act in harmony with it. The days are just as Noah!

  3. Niecey Doc profile image61
    Niecey Docposted 7 years ago

    I agree. And He's coming as a Lion, not gentle Jesus with a lamb from the flannelgraph.

  4. Aime F profile image73
    Aime Fposted 7 years ago

    Which signs would those be?

  5. psycheskinner profile image84
    psycheskinnerposted 7 years ago

    It is never a good idea to read with the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other.  Because people doing that have been proclaiming the end times since the beginning times and it ain't happened yet.

  6. psycheskinner profile image84
    psycheskinnerposted 7 years ago

    The UN has been around for a long time now.  Still no sign of anything weird happening as a result.

    1. profile image52
      ITGWF Discipleposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      If you are watching the UN, then you are looking in the wrong direction.

  7. Kiss andTales profile image59
    Kiss andTalesposted 7 years ago

    It is not weird it just exist as written and told from the bible.
    What is written even in definition is the truth of why it stands,
    United Nations
    Abbr. UN
    An international organization composed of most of the countries of the world. It was founded in 1945 to promote peace, security, and economic development.
    The bible clearly says they will say they have reached it.
    But the cry has no good end.

    1. dashingscorpio profile image84
      dashingscorpioposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      In that case I know for sure he's not here!

      If the UN was formed in 1945 to promote peace, security, and economic development they have failed.

      There was the Korean War of the 1950s, the Vietnam War of the 60s, The invasion of Grenada in 1983, Operation Desert Storm 1990s, the events of 9/11 in 2001, the Iraq & Afghanistan wars, and now the bombing of ISIS (Those are just conflicts the U.S. has been a part of since the forming of the U.N.) Some folks think we should be bombing Iran right now!
      In other parts of the world there tons of wars and genocide atrocities taking place at this very moment.

      America has not gone a single decade without taking military action against another country. Based upon what is going on in Syria and other places around the globe we're either aiding one side with money, training, or weapons. Some of these actions are covert. There is no peace.

      1. profile image52
        ITGWF Discipleposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Of course they will fail because the UN is mainly around to help the weapons manufacturers and the banks.
        Do you know how much it costs for each of those bombs that are in your picture?

  8. Kiss andTales profile image59
    Kiss andTalesposted 7 years ago

    Yes they have failed you speak truth here.
    Failure of these Governments are not his, nothing to do with him,
    Joh 12:31Now there is a judging of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out.
    It is his opposer satan who has failed in all rulerships .
    JESUS said
    Joh 14:30 I will not speak with you much more, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has no hold on me.
    Satan  rules these Governments that is why we have failure.
    Jesus will take over fully very soon.

  9. Kiss andTales profile image59
    Kiss andTalesposted 7 years ago

    All things as you speak is of Satan's system
    There is no hope in it, it is sinking like the Titanic.  And people are holding on to it as though it will keep floating, it will not as Jesus has said, people have been praying the Lord's prayer for Generations, don't you think it's time it is answered ? It is. Rather that be in a good way for many or a bad way for many who fight against it.


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